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What has drinking green tea done for you and how long have you been drinking it?

Asked by Aster (18345points) June 16th, 2017

I was reading the so called benefits of organic green tea and wanted to ask about your experiences, if any, when you began drinking it.

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I’ve gone to my doctor a few times after drinking green tea on a daily basis (but still in moderation, about once a day) and my blood flow and cholesterol has improved. But of course this could also be due to my healthy diet, along with moderate exercise.

And fortunately, I haven’t experienced any of the side effects of drinking green tea, such as losing sleep or mild anxiety.

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I’ve been drinking green tea for 16 years. I drink it in the morning only. I don’t really care for the taste but I like the way it makes me feel. It wakes me up without making me feel jittery. I never feel the urge to drink more than one or two small cups.

I gave up drinking coffee long ago as it effected my heart and my nervous nature poorly.

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Personally, I hate the taste. I love white tea and black tea, but can’t make myself drink green.

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