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Is anyone familiar with cataract surgery?

Asked by jesslc323 (117points) June 16th, 2017 from iPhone

So I’m 25 years old and just had cataract surgery yesterday. I got a Toric lens to fix my astigmatism as well as get rid of my cataract. Everything is crystal clear however I can’t focus on reading or see up close.. am I over reacting or being too obsessive as I just got the procedure yesterday? How long until my eye can focus?

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No you aren’t over reacting. You should be able to see clear on the day after. I have had cataract surgery and could see that same day. Please let your eye doctor know asap.
If the doctor gave you an emergency number, call it. That’s what they are there for.
Good luck and let us know how it turned out.

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@chyna thanks! I can see crystal clear, I can see everything but It’s like words on a soup can are still blurry… like I can’t focus yet.

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I could see the directions on an aspirin bottle. Did you only have one eye done? If you close the eye that didn’t have surgery and try to read, is it blurry?

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@chyna if I close the eye I just had fixed I can read cause it’s already focused. But that eye is also bad. If I close that eye and try to read text on my phone or a bottle close up with my now good eye it’s almost like it’s italicized and a bit blurry but everything else is crystal clear it’s just trying focus on printing now so I’m freaking out

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Please call your doctor then. If nothing else, he can reassure you that this is common, if it really is common.

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When I first got my astigmatism corrected (with contacts and glasses) everything seemed a little off for a while. The ground seemed to be sloping up in front of me and there were some issues with depth perception. It wasn’t that I couldn’t tell how far away something was, it just seemed like the depth differences were amplified if I had two things in front of me.

Things that were close seemed really close (and so took longer to focus) and got smaller more quickly as they moved away. Kind of like a fisheye lens, but not exactly.

I’m struggling to describe it, but It threw me off quite a bit and I had to adjust, especially for sports. I talked to my doctor about it and he was unconcerned. It definitely corrected over time as I got used to the new prescriptions.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t talk to your doctor, you should, but if you’re seeing the same as I’m describing, I think they’ll report back that it’s all normal and just takes a bit of time.

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@funkdaddy yes I had a toric lens put in to also correct my astogmstism. Today is day 3 since surgery and still having trouble focusing on close things and a slight double vision. I keep trying to remind myself my brain has to adjust too but my excitement/anxiety expects instant results all around since everything else is crystal clear. Thanks for sharing your story it helps a lot!!

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You need to see your eye doctor.

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