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Do you ever see "other things" in smudges and smears?

Asked by Kardamom (29027points) June 19th, 2017 from iPhone

Right now, instead of seeing a smeared fingerprint on the home button on my iphone, I see what appears to be El Capitan: in Yosemite.

I am always seeing stuff in smears and smudges and clouds and shadows and paint drips.

Do you regularly see “other stuff”? Can you see anything right now?

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Geez, everywhere. Textured ceiling? Faces, cool trees with gnarled branches, ET, bunny with one ear folded down.

Unfinished wood? Cow face, pretty fish, witch hat.

There was a spot on my tv screen I left there for like a month, because it was funny to see where it ended up. News anchor with a mole, ink spot on somebody’s shirt pocket, oh! It’s a booger hanging from Sally Field’s nose.

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It’s quite common. It’s also the reason that people see things like ships, skulls, creatures etc from the Mars rover pictures.

There’s a term for it (don’t remember. ) It has something to do with the human mind trying to make sense of randomness…

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Self made Rorschach tests! Sure Alla time!

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A smudge by any other name is still a smudge. All I see right now is my PC screen.

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@NomoreY_A really? I see my screen with an outline of the British Isles as imparted in the lower right hand corner by my wayward grandchild who, at three, thinks everything is a touch screen.

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Awwwww, cute.

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Sure. We’re kind of hardwired to. I don’t take it as some sort of sign though.

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