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If a bull kills the matador, should it gain freedom?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (11599points) June 19th, 2017

Recently, a matador was killed by the bull he was “fighting.”

They killed the bull anyway…

Shouldn’t the bull have been deemed the “winner?”

Should it be freed, or get a life of stud service?

I always hated bull fighting. I’ve never once felt the slightest empathy towards an injured “bull fighter.”

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They should be freed, period.
And all the “bull fighters” should die in unfortunate accidents.
The only thing I feel when I see this picture, is Schadenfreude and a sense of divine justice.

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Hamburger is hamburger. Should winning bulls have rights as winners? Would they know the difference? The bulls are raised for the fight with every intention of them becoming steak after the fact.

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Of course it should be allowed its freedom & then it could attend the funeral & shit all over the coffin.

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In a fair and just world sure, but when is the world ever fair or just?

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I believe that bullfighting is cruel and should be illegal.

I don’t care about the “winner” aspect.

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I believe that bullfighting is cruel and should be illegal, too.

When you read how they prepare the bull for days ahead of time, starving it, not giving it any water, putting vaseline in its eyes and ears so it can’t see, the deck is really stacked against it from the start.

I think someone should do those things to the matador and see how he likes it, and then stab him repeatedly with swords while thousands of people cheer.

At the very least, a bull that kills the matador should be given a lifetime in a field, enjoying the rest of his life.

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MY reaction when I read of the matador being killed is “the bull won!”. I think the bull should be left to retire in a meadow like Ferdinand.

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Really it should also have its freedom before being made to fight the matador…

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We are talking about another countries culture, where we find it wrong to agitate an animal to a point where it only sees rage, (my opinion it is wrong).
But who are we to try and install our beliefs on them, the bull fighting brings in a lot of revenue to the local economy, plus don’t they after wards harvest the bull for it’s meat?
While we would like it banned, (myself as well)do we have anything in mind to replace that revenue the bull fighting brings them?
I don’t , do you?

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^People fighting people, because they chose to?....

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What is ‘freedom’ in the context of a bull? Does a bull understand that concept?

I think that imputing human values to a bovine is a lot of bullshit.

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@elbanditoroso: Perhaps another way the OP could have written it would be “should it be granted the right to survive.”

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^Yeah. Well, I thought I wouldn’t get shredded over semantics…

Sometimes it’s hard to articulate what I’m asking in one question.

Most understood the point.

It should get to be a stud, or at least not fight, or be abused anymore… If it wins…

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Is being a stud true freedom? Having to satisfy women all day?

(tongue in cheek)

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I agree with you, @MrGrimm888. I got the drift right off the bat.

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@elbanditoroso. It was the closest thing I could think of, that the bull would perceive as a reward. If he was a gay bull, it might be hell…

I’d love for them to set him free somewhere, but that’s just not realistic…

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@SQUEEKY2: It’s not that the US is trying to instill our beliefs on another country or take away their culture, it’s that the world is turning against bullfighting. Read this about how countries are making laws against it, banning it, restricting it, and protesting against it themselves:

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Good for them,but still no one comes up with any ideas to bring in revenue, for local economies, just stop doing it type thing it bothers us bleeding hearts types.
While I don’t condone cruel and inhumane treatment of animals ,they are still just a commodity to be bought and sold.
Is it any worse than cattle kept up to their knees in shit in over crowded feed lots?
Or calfs kept in horrible conditions for veil?

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@SQUEEKY2 ”...bring in revenue, for local economies,”

Let’s see, there are cockfights, dogfights, bear baiting…. ~~~

Bullfights aren’t designed to bring in revenue to the local economy. They are designed for entertainment.

If they need an event for the economy, they could have craft fairs and farmer’s markets..

In Barcelona, one bull ring has been converted into a sports and concert arena, the other into a five storey mall.

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Yes but that entertainment brings in a lot of revenue.
Sorta the same way a movie theatre , or a concert.
As I said I don’t condone it or care for it.
Those other events you listed weren’t open to the public the way bull fighting is, most of those were done secretly.
And if those countries can come up with other venues to replace bull fighting good for them.
And seriously craft fairs and farmers markets wouldn’t draw a crowd like bull fighting would,
Sporting events, and music concerts are a good way to replace bull fighting.

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“Running of the Jew” event economically very important to Kazakhstan. Great Success!

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