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When your chocolate gets soft in warm weather, do you--?

Asked by Jeruba (47742points) June 19th, 2017

(1) put it in the refrigerator
(2) put it in the freezer
(3) think it’s just perfect that way—just a little soft and melty and mooshy, but not runny
(4) wait for it to melt even more
(5) other—what?

Tags as I wrote them: chocolate, candy, heat, taste.

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Sometimes fridge, sometimes straw.

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Fridge. Always fridge. Forever fridge.

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When your chocolate gets soft, reach for the little blue pill…

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smear it on the office toilet seat, and the tap controls.

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Melted=pitch in trash

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My air conditioner blows into the corner of the kitchen and I keep chocolate in a wooden bowl in that corner. I have no problem with it melting. Where I live I use AC all year.

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Posted this on Facebook the other day:

Adrionna left her small bag of unopened MnMs in the truck four days ago. Today Dutchess (my dog) sat on the bag and squished it flat. When we got home I saw it and brought it in and put it in the freezer for a while. I felt it was my duty to eat them so the kids couldn’t get ahold of them because they’ve probably gone bad.
The good news is Dutchess squished all the calories out when she sat on them.

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I don’t like soft chocolate so I keep it in the colder part of the refrigerator near the ice box. I like a chocolate bar to give a nice crisp snap when I break a piece off and I enjoy the texture of the chocolate in my mouth as well as the taste. I have eaten premium chocolates which are delicious at room temperature.

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Put some in the fridge, and some in my mouth.

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…then I put some more in the fridge, then more in my mouth…

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@Strauss Do you have an ever renewing source of chocolate?

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5) Other…fire the chef

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Grab some graham crackers!

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As for me, I love it like that. When the ambient temperature is up and my Hershey kisses are just a little melty (but still tractable—not gooey) I think they are extraordinarily delicious. I wouldn’t dream of ruining them with refrigeration.

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I eat it. If it’s melted a bit I make sure to scrape every bit off of it’s packaging and then lick my fingers clean.

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@janbb Do you have an ever renewing source of chocolate?
As a matter of fact, I’m working with a partner on an import angle for cacao from local growers as we speak…

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Wherever you store the wine & cigars.

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