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So Spicer will hold auditions for the job from hell. Whom do you suppose will volunteer?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24153points) June 20th, 2017 from iPhone

Whom do you suppose will be invited? Tasked with the necessity of providing rational excuses for Trump’s behavior, can there be anyone up to the job? Since the prospect of convincing our President to cloak himself in some sensible patina is equivalent to teaching a cow to climb a tree, shouldn’t folks from the world of standup or carnival barking top the list of candidates?

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Nicely done Loli!

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There was article about this in the paper today. The real answer is: anyone of any talent will stay away from the job because it will kill their resume for any future positions.

How does a person go to work in the morning, knowing that (a) they will be lying all day, and (b) your boss will be eager to stab you in the back on Twitter or on the news at any time?

Why would anyone want to be the face of the administration?

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Reading the link provided by @ragingloli is reading the Trump/Republican playbook.

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From what has been reported they cannot yet find someone interested in taking the job.

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I would LOVE it so much if Gilbert Gottfried took the position.

Or, even better…..Foster Brooks…..

And ragingloli…..if you ever consider leaving this site…..please don’t…..

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Maybe some dodgy second hand car dealer will be interested

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Big problem. Anyone skilled enough to tackle the job of passing off a visible and audible frog as the handsome eloquent prince—such a person is probably too smart to want anything to do with it. It’s one thing to degrade yourself. But on a government salary?

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Well, it looks like Kimberly Guilfoyle is wanting to be in the position.

Or maybe Laura Ingraham

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@flutherother I was thinking the same thing. The “right here in River City” guy from the Music Man, or one of the more adept tv preachers like Reverend Ike or Elmer Gantry. Come to think of it, I bet the country’s top notch con men must marvel at the wonder that one of their ilk so lacking in polish and oafishly crude managed to pull off the scam of the century.

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Of the two, I would choose Ingraham. It would make for a much more lively and interesting WH press meeting

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Heck, if we are going for tall, obnoxious, conservative idiot blond women, let’s go for the gusto.

Ann Coulter.

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Hey, listen. I’m sure that Ms. Coulter possesses many fine personal qualities.

(I’ve never seen them, but am pretty sure they’re in there somewhere…..)

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I would love to see a first class mind like Ingraham wrestle with a daily accounting for the oafish buffoon. It’s the sort of treat money can’t buy. Because the truth is that no amount of mental acuity will ever enable anyone to favorably account for Trumpisms. That’s the trouble with Trump. He’s so far from the tracks, that no apologist can stand behind the shield of “just doin my job”. When some reporter asks you to comment on some Trumpism like “I am the greatest President since Lincoln”, your own integrity is immediately on the line. And Coulter exceeds even Trump when it comes to blue ribbon denizens of Crazyville. Even HE isn’t ignorant enough to put up with her.

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No…..I think maybe he IS ignorant enough…...

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I have a tough time seeing it. Even Trump has limits far exceeded by Coulter. To allow her a shot at explaining ANYTHING would be suicidal.

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I don’t know….she might be the perfect shill to disseminate this administration’s “information” to every gullible, FauxNews-watching rube in Chumpy’s (ahem) “constituency”.

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Doesn’t matter who. The press corps is doomed to sit out the Trump ad-menstruation.

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Whatever happened to that Conway woman?

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I would take the job. It would be horrible but oh my, the book I could have someone write for me after I quit.

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I’d buy it….

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Sean Spicer lives a couple of blocks from my home. Should I knock on his door and launch into an audition?

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^Could you maybe do a little tap dance with the audition?

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@Love_my_doggie Everything to gain, nothing to lose.

You might consider auditioning by doing a celebrity impersonation, so he will remember you more than the thousands of other other door-knocking applicants.

I was thinking maybe Christopher Walken, or perhaps Jack Nicholson.

In any case, good luck…...and don’t forget the people who helped you get there…..

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David Ducovfefe.

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