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Should I go to my 20th class reunion?

Asked by mzgator (4158points) July 24th, 2007 from iPhone

I missed my 10th. I am just wondering if I should skip this one too?

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it it were me, i would go - its nice to see what has become of the people you knew and how much they have changed over the years

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I'd go if I were you. If not to see old friends then to retain all the memories of the night and go forth to spread the entertaining stories to all your mates.
It's a win-win situation. You could have some fun with old friends or feel so out of place you just laugh because it's so bizarre!

Or is it only me that finds it that easy to laugh something off?

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yes I want u to

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I went to my 10th and was disappointed, because the people I had lost touch with and was hoping to see did not come. I also felt that people fell in with the same 'cliques' we had in High School. I skipped my 20th because they wanted too much money! I don't drink, so I don't want to pay the high cost of an open-bar event.

My 25th (if we have it) will be in 2 years, and my financial situation has improved, so I am more likely to go to that one, I am hoping that as people have experienced more of life that they will be less judgmental and open to getting to know others for who we are now.

My advice to you is to dig out your old yearbook, or if you don't have it, go through list for your class and refresh your memory. If you come across names of people that make you wonder what ever happened to them, then go; if you find yourself feeling that you'd rather not associate with most of those people or to resurrect forgotten memories, then avoid it.

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Yes, go. At 20 years, people are at an interesting time of their lives--past showing off (5-10 years) and more reflective and real. It could be a memorable event--regardless of the time you had in high school. And, it's an experience. If you don't go, you won't know if it was great or horrible.

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I passed on my 10th also, and will probably pass on the 20th. I stayed in touch with the people that I wanted to maintain a relationship with. I don't think I could handle another "remember when" story...

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The older you are the better to go and experience those people you knew so long ago. It helps you learn about yourself, even though it can be freaky. I'm predjudiced because I moved around every year growing up and didn't graduate with a, "class", just on my own. I think you should go! Lighten up and enjoy the fun!

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