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What kinds of lies do you allow yourself to tell?

Asked by McBean (1703points) August 10th, 2008

Little white lies? Lies to get you out of trouble at work? “Placeholder” lies to your child, until they’re ready to hear the real, ugly truthful answer to their awkward question? Where do you draw the line when it comes to lies? What kinds of lies are you willing to forgive?

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pshhhh I never lie.

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@cruncha…that may be your first one.

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yeah, the first one is the most telling and crucial.

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I admit that I stretch the truth or lie when the truth will inflict un-necessary pain on someone. There are times when ‘Honesty is not the Best Policy’

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i lie if i have to, doesn’t matter what the situation is, if it necessary then i do it

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I only tell white lies that don’t make a difference. I wouldn’t lie if it changed something.

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the ones i tell to myself.

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@aneedle…I do that too :-(

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The kind about cookies and how stopping at five is just as good as stopping at one.

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White lies, the kind where the answer is unimportant in the grand scheme of things, to spare feelings, to be polite, to get myself out of trouble. Lying about bigger, important things would haunt my conscience forever.

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ones that make me feel better.

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I used to take a lot of joy in lying about why I was late or absent at school, and forging my parents’ signatures.

Has anyone else ever read the Mark Twain essay, “On the Decay of the Art of Lying”? It’s hilarious! One of his best short pieces, in my opinion.

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I’m a salesperson…come on. Haha, no but seriously the only thing I might do is exaggerate a bit from time to time. I also might lie just to spare someones feelings too, if it had no effect on whether they knew the truth or not.

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If anything, I lie by omission to protect someone. If someone were to ask if their significant other was cheating on them, for example, I would deflect the question with another. By asking what makes them suspicious, what dynamics have changed, etc, I will let them reach their own conclusions without coming right out and saying that I witnessed “canoodling”. The omission is so I don’t hurt them by blurting out, “Yes!”... because what if I’m mistaken and there isn’t any untoward behavior going on?

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If I’m lying to myself, I don’t know it and appreciate it when someone challenges me. My foster-sister [f-sister]says I’m am ‘too honest.’ If you want to know if “I” think that color looks good on you—you’ll ask me. If you want someone to tell you that color looks good on you and/or find something nice to say, you’ll ask my f-sister.

My parents were alcoholics and drug-addicts, I was in many foster homes. I saw how lies twisted people all up until they didn’t know what the truth was. I had to lie as a kid—for survival, and I couldn’t wait until I could live my truth aloud.

But when I turned 18 and legal, I found the ‘habit’ of lying wasn’t easy to drop. Ask me if I’d read suchNsuch and a lie of “yes” would fly out of my mouth. So, I started ‘making myself’ go back to that person and say, ‘I just lied. I didn’t really read suchNsuch.” Most said it was okay, no biggy. But it was for me.

Now I don’t consciously lie at all…mainly because I know how envasive lying can be and I don’t want to fall down that slippery slope. Not even to get off the phone from a constant talker. I’ll just say, “Sorry, I’ve got got to go now.”

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I’ve told lies to make people feel better, and lies to make myself look better. I found that neither work as planned.

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