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What did you learn from "sesame street" or "electric company?"?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7807points) August 10th, 2008

seems PBS telecasting in the 70s was pivotal for creative learning. i picked up a lot of educational gems back in the day from these two shows. is public broadcasting for the arts dead?

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people and muppets can coexist fairly peacefully.

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I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. I have a banana in my ear.

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On a related note, I just read today that PBS is cancelling Mr. Rogers :(

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The most important thing Sesame Street taught me was that my mother is homophobic. I was probably about five when I said something about Bert and Ernie being boyfriends and my mother’s horrified reaction, complete with a lecture about how boys liking boys is Bad and Wrong and Unnatural, kind of scarred me for life.

On a more positive note, it taught me how to count in Spanish, that rubber duckies are awesome, and that “c” is for cookie and that’s good enough for me.

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According to the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street, C is for cookie, which is good enough for me.

Now look at him. C is for cookie, which is good enough to land me in rehab.

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Sesame Street taught me I have a fear of large, yellow birds; however, I like grouchy muppets, in trash cans.

I developed an appreciation for Mel Brooks…early on, from his character on The Electric Company. I still have one of the albums – yes! A large vinyl record! :)

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Sesame Street taught me how to speak… really. I said my first words during the show, and if I’m not mistaken… it was during the thing with the guy in the cup… I don’t remember much except he was painted on the cup and I remember the cup coming out of the counter or something… but I pointed to the screen and said “cup!” So yeah. That’s it.

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That “it’s not easy being green…”

And that “one of these things is not like the others…”

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@poofandmook—That’s freakin’ adorable!

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I am a twin and my brother’s name is Ernie, so everyone called me Bert. I spent my younger days trying to idolize and defend Bert. I still have an affection for him. I also learned you’ve got to, got to, got to count it higher coung it higher
The biggest thing I learned is how cool it is that everyone is different. That truly sunk in.

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That abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is the most remarkable word I’ve ever seen.

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That without “W” a waffle would be just affle.

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It pays to live in a garbage can…
It’s O.K. to let a scary monster play with your child.
Elmo is not as cuddly when he’s throwing ‘grand-mal’ seizures for hours on end.
Ernie and Bert…..well, we all know their story. nudge, nudge..wink, wink
Animal does inhale.

The hired guests have to sign a disclaimer that states:
“The production company is not responsible for “wandering hands that may or may not find their way up your skirt/down your pants…. Guest stars are to appear at their own risk”

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@poofandmook: Teeny Little Super Guy! He was my very favorite part of Sesame Street – I still find myself humming his theme song occasionally… ;)

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OH MY GOD!! that warranted the caps sdeutsch… thank you so much!

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@poofandmook: No problem – I’m happy to meet a fellow TLSG lover!

Youtube has a whole bunch of his best episodes (I’m a big fan of the eggbeater one too). I’ve actually been scouring the web for a TLSG t-shirt – I saw someone wearing one years ago, but I haven’t been able to find a place to buy one yet… If I find it, I’ll pass it on! ;)

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A few Spanish words

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