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If the election were held tomorrow who would you vote for?

Asked by oldhippie (132points) August 10th, 2008

And don’t forget to tell the all-important why. If this is your first time, are you excited about taking part in the process?

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I would Vote for obama but i am 72 days to young to vote i am really sad

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I am still in a tizzy over this. I don’t have confidence in either one.

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Barack Obama.

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Mama for Obama.

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you know my answer OH! :)

I’ve been talking on the main chat room, it seems Obama has about 98% support on this site. Though I’ve met 2 McCain fans so far….

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I would probably vote for McCain but I’m not sure.

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My answer stays the same from what I said on this question. “Obama, because I don’t want the war to run for 100 years. because i am pro choice and pro civil rights.” To see other answers to your Q, check out the thread I linked to (it was asked just a week ago so the answers are pretty new). To answer the second part of your Q, yes this IS my first time (i am 19) so I am doubly excited and am looking forward to being a part (and having a say) of this process.

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McCain because I am pro-life.Too bad Dr. Ron Paul backed out I’d surely vote for him with all he stands for.

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@ seVen: I don’t think the pro-life/choice thing should enter into it. There’s nothing that the president can do about it. No other president has been able to, so how would McCain be any different? I think we need to be thinking about the bigger picture of what the candidates stand for. Look at their records and how what they’ve done has helped the American people as a whole, not so much at the special/specific interests. We need someone who can repair our relations with other countries, someone who has a 21st century way of thinking. That person, my friends, is Barack Obama.

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Actually, this year it DOES matter. We have a balance of 4 liberals, 4 conservatives and 1 moderate on the Supreme Court. If abortion were to come before the Supreme Court today, Roe would probably be upheld. BUT, in the next 4 years, there is a more than 50% chance that one or more of those liberal/moderate members will retire.

John McCain has said he would like to outlaw Roe v. Wade, in no uncertain terms. He has also said he would use the George W Bush model for appointing judges. Bottom line, there’s more than a 50% chance that if McCain is elected, the Supreme Court will tilt more conservative and would favor an overturn of Roe v. Wade should a challenge make its way to the courts.

In 2006 I believe, or maybe it was 2007, South Dakota, in direct defiance of Roe v. Wade, outlawed abortion. This is being challenged in the courts as we speak, and would make it to the Supreme Court at some point after the court were tilted to an anti-abortion mindset. At best, our laws would change to make it a state by state issue, and at worst, the entire practice would be outlawed.

If you care about this issue at all and you’re pro-life, McCain is the right choice, if you’re pro-choice, Obama is the right choice. That’s just one issue where it is important, I wouldn’t understate the importance of it.

More important is the flagrant ignorance about economic issues illustrated by the McCain camp. Obama says one way we can reduce energy consumption right now is by keeping proper tire pressure. So, McCain mocks Obama by printing up tire gagues w/ “Obama’s energy plan” written on them. Yet he’s forced to admit that yes, this would indeed save 3 – 4% on gas consumption.

McCain has said economics isn’t his strong suit. Indeed, the only suit he claims to be strong in is military matters, and by the way, what about getting caught while fighting in a war makes you an expert? I’d sooner trust someone who had enough skills to evade capture, wouldn’t you?

I think a lot of people, and I know OldHippie is one of them, are worried about Obama’s relative lack of experience, particularly since we are just coming off a Presidency of someone without experience. But I’ve argued and will continue to argue that vision is a more important quality than experience, because I would rather have an inexperienced person pursuing my same goals, than an experienced person pursuing goals that were counter to my own, because the experienced person would move the ball even farther away from my goal.

And I know there is a worry about handing foreign policy to a person with no foreign policy experience, but again, consider that W didn’t get us blown up and he’d never been out of the country before being elected, not even to Canada or Mexico! Obama actually LIVED in a foreign country for a while. I’d say 99.99% of foreign policy is in your ability to talk to people….McCain can’t even remember what many countries are called these days, Obama is always articulate and respectful and less likely to make a blunder.

I simply don’t see how anyone with a liberal mindset or agenda could find McCain to be perferable. I appreciate the experience problem, but I say it’s the least of our worries. And besides, maybe we actually need a President who will focus on domestic issues? It’s a novel idea, but it did work for FDR.

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@dalepetrie Cheers on what you’ve said about vision and foreign policy. RE: the abortion issue, It’s just that many presidents have threatened to overturn R v. W but no one ever has. I think they use it as a tool to stir up voters’ emotions, to distract them from voting logically.

On another note, I read somewhere that W had never been to Europe until he became president. If that’s true, it explains a few things.

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Yes, that’s the thing about the abortion issue….people always get worked up about it, but rarely is it an actual issue, so it becomes the political equivalent of the boy who cried wolf. This time though it’s no longer theoretical. There is still exaggeration abound…most likely it’s going to come down to a decision of whether the states have the rights to outlaw it individually…I don’t think there are any serious all out bans in the pipes. But that’s not going to help poor people who can’t afford to raise a child, much less travel across state lines to have an abortion.

I personally would be slightly more sympathetic to the pro-lifers if they also didn’t insist on abstitence only sex education…but to pull out the “abortion isn’t birth control” argument after willfully neglecting to teach teenagers about what IS birth control is just plain unconscionable in my opinion.

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Barack Obama!

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