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Do cats fart?

Asked by rojo (22950points) June 23rd, 2017

I have had cats almost my entire life and I realized this morning I cannot recall a single time a cat has let one go when I am nearby. Dogs? Yes, for sure! My granddaughter? Certainly, with pride and gusto! But cats? Not to my knowledge.

Is their gastric system just much more advanced? Is it the diet of the domestic feline? Or perhaps this would explain why they suddenly jump up and go tearing out of the room and around the house at odd times for no apparent reason!

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My cats have released intestinal gases. They didn’t generate sounds loud enough for me to hear but my olfactory nerves definitely did detect them.

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Not like dogs do.

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OK, first, I have to say that I couldn’t click on this question quickly enough, and fortunately @gondwanalon provided the best answer we are likely to receive.

Clandestine intestinal gases. Thank you.

I learned something today….

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yes they do. it just doesn’t make much sound as they don’t have butt cheeks.

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Every animal “farts.”

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@MrGrimm888 Good one. But tapeworms are animals that don’t have intestines or butts.

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You don’t have to have intestines, or a butt, to produce gases…

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Cats are obligate carnivores and eat much less of the high-gas producing foods than dogs (some vegetables, legumes, etc.). They are still occasionally flatulent. My sister had a cat with a birth defect that left her without a tail and an incomplete rectum – when she farted while sitting on a linoleum floor, it squeaked. She would always whip around to see what the noise was.

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Thank you, @syz

If nothing else funny happens today, I am now covered….

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Mine does, often when I’m stretched out on my bed with him on my chest or lap facing away from me. Yuck!

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Oh, man…...there goes the rest of my day….

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Gosh…when my Dakota dog poots it fills up the house!

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