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How do you forward a question to one of your friends on fluther?

Asked by Kar (278points) August 10th, 2008

Do you have to know their personal email address, or is there an easier way to forward through the fluther site?

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personal message ?

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Not a personal message, I want to know how to forward a question, and it looked like I had to have the personal e mail address to do it.

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There maybe an easier way to do it, but I click on ‘send a link by email’ from my tool bar options under ‘page’. Then I copy it from the email box that pops up and paste it into a message to them. There isn’t a ‘forward’ option on questions here like you are use to on Askville. You just send it as a ‘comment’ here.

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Just copy the URL from the address bar, and send them a PM. I think a ‘recommend a question’ feature is quite a good suggestion though. It would get you doing it more frequently.

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Kar, if you want to try and send this Q to me to see if it works for you, go ahead. You just click on my avatar to reach my profile page and there you will find the option to leave a comment. Keep the box checked private to send it like a private pm. If you want to leave a public comment, like a compliment on Askville, you uncheck that box.

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Thanks marissa, I tried!

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richardhenry has the right idea for you Kar.

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thanks guys!

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Official word: a “recommend this to someone” feature is already being worked on by the Fluther team. Stay tuned!

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That’s great – I am not very good with computers, so what I need is just a button!

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@richardhenry – Awesome!

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