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How do you fix a flat tire on a motorcycle?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18548points) June 23rd, 2017

Does it need to be towed? Just wondering. I’m fine. Tell your story.

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I have picked up a nail in mine once and put a road plug in it. I limped back home where I could take the tire off and get a new one put on at the shop. I hate spooning on new tires. I keep a small air compressor and plugs/tools in my emergency kit. I have never had tube type tires go flat on me. There is sealing goo in them but if that does not work I’d probably be calling AAA.

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WhenI had street bikes I usually let a motorcycle shop do those, but I have done plenty of dirt bike tires, they require you taking off the tire, then using tire spoons, some call them tire irons to pry off the tire from the rim, then either patching the tube or replacing the tire.

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For my Honda 400 Hawk it was fairly easy but more difficult than fixing a bicycle flat but much the same procedure. I used two tire irons about 12” x 1½” to remove and replace the tire. Removing and replacing the back wheel was more involved but no biggie. Piece of cake after I did it the first time.

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Prop up the bike so it can’t fall over and hurt you.
With proper tools, remove tire/wheel assembly,
Remove valve core from tube stem.
CAREFULLY, pry off tire and tube from wheel using 2 large flat blade screwdrivers.
Inspect tire for nail, thorn, whatever punctured the tire and remove it. Check for any other nails, etc. Be careful! You could cut yourself while inspecting tire!
Partially fill tube with air to locate hole. Buff area around hole with sandpaper, apply rubber glue, let dry, apply patch.
OR, replace tube.
Assemble tire to wheel being careful not to pinch tube with screwdrivers.
Partially inflate tube to insure the tube has not folded back on itself inside tire. Make sure tube filler stem points straight out.
Inflate tire fully while watching to make sure tire bead stays seated on rim of wheel.
Reinstall tire/wheel assemble on bike making sure wheel is aligned properly with front forks or rear swing arm and drive chain or belt.

If you’re not familiar with bike repair in this area, take it to the shop.

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