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Olympic music?

Asked by Shrtnsweet8 (2points) August 10th, 2008

What is the song that was played when the American medley swim team beat France tonight? It sounded like a country song and has the words “time of your life” in the song. Thanks

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I’m guessing from your description it could have been Time of Your Life by Green Day – it is acoustic, but I wouldn’t exactly call it country though.

Not that? Try Google.

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I dunno what the song was but that race was outstanding. I watched with some friends and I’ve never cheered so much for anything besides football. Bob Costas said that all the swimming experts said it was the greatest relay race ever. I’m glad I watched it.

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That was an incredible race…

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A bit off topic, but:

Do you guys (in America) realise how you were able to, despite the time differences between where you are and China, see that event both live and at primetime?

Because the TV network that shows the Olympics in America (the NBC) successfully pressured the IOC into running the more popular sports – swimming was one of them – in the morning (Beijing time) instead of the evening when they are always held, just so that the American television audience can see the event when it suits them (primetime).

I’m not bitter, just a bit annoyed. The issue got a lot of coverage here in Australia, at least.

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That race came on after 11:00 PM here. That is hardly prime time.

Never-the-less, I still see how they could have done that. That is just how it is. Be annoyed at the IOC if anything. America is the second largest market for these games. They can all make more money. OR even better, more people can get to watch these event live.

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@jonno it wasnt green day. im not sure what song it was, but i know it wasnt that.

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It was an amazing race. I was jumping up and down and cheering. Probably the best of the Olympics. It wasn’t only the race in the pool but the rest of the American team on the sidelines screaming, laughing, crying.

I am hoping that someone can figure out what the song is that plays right before they touch the wall. They didn’t play much of the song, but it did sound country.

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That song sucks!

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I agree, but still i figured it out. ^_^

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Great job uberbatman. I just went to youtube and listened to it and that is the song. Not sure why I thought it was country. I don’t consider Dave Cook country but it was just a small snippet of the song so what can I say. Thanks again.

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