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What are some tourist things to do in Philadelphia, PA?

Asked by aisyna (963points) August 10th, 2008

I know there is the liberty bell and the constitution. i would like to do things that involve history. We are only gonna be there for 2 days so not alot of time any thing that is a MUST see?

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You have to run up the stairs of the Art Museum. That is a must.

Then…. go inside the Art Museum because I hear it’s pretty awesome. I will next time I go home.

Most tourist will get a cheesesteak at Pat’s or Geno’s. You could be cooler than them and go Jim’s on South Street or Tony Luke’s. They’re much better.

But yeah check out the National Constitution Center, Independence Hall and Liberty Bell. That is all right next to each other.

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There is a lot of history to be seen in Philly. Of course the liberty bell, the room the Declaration of Independence was signed, and even Benjamin Franklin’s grave.

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Edgar Allen Poe house. Betsy Ross house. The Constitution Center. Independence Hall. The Philadelphia Mint is right there, as well. If you like to see neighborhoods, walk through the streets a few blocks south of Independence Hall—the Society Hill neighborhood.

The Franklin museum is a great technology museum. The art museum is having a very cool Calder jewelry exhinit now over in the new building. 2nd and 3rd Streets north of Spring Garden Ave (Northern Liberties) for a lot of funky restaurants (Standard Tap, if you want a selection of a gazillion beers) has really great bar food.

Take a carriage ride, but just know that not every historical story you hear may be accurate. There’s also the Duck, which is another way of touring both land and water. Please don’t squawk your duck whistle too loudly. It’s really annoying.

Cheesesteaks are overrated, and the best ones are at Pat (Olivieri’s) King of Steaks in the Reading Terminal Market (which is another wonderful place to visit), if they are still open (they’ve being kicked out by Tony Lukes—long story).

All right, that’s more than a couple days worth. Have fun. It’s a nice place to visit, but it’s an even better place to live!

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The Mutter Museum, which is the museum of medical oddities that has things like 10-foot long colons and dead babies in jars
Eastern State penitentiary, which is the first modern penitentiary in America, now a museum with a very good audiotour narrated by Steve Buscemi.
The Mummer museum, which outlines the history of one of Philadelphia’s strangest traditions, the Mummer’s Parade.
Philly also has an extremely extensive mural program, and each Sundays, the Mural Arts program does a trolley tour of a different neighborhood in Philadelphia, leaving from Independence Hall.
Philly is a very tourist-friendly town with tons to do; it’s really under-estimated as a tourist destination (and I must second daloon about how great it is to live in Philly).

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Oops. That was a mistake to say how good it is here. I’m always afraid people will discover it, and come here in droves, changing the character of the place. What part of the city do you live in, sig?

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