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What food from your childhood have you revisited and loved?

Asked by janbb (56613points) June 29th, 2017

Something tempted me to buy a box and I am on an ice cream sandwich diet this week. They are still soooo good!

What have you discovered you still love?

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Root Beer Floats.

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Onion rings with ketchup.

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Lately the old dog won’t eat his dinner unless I dice up a small peanut butter sandwich to put on top. I cut the crusts off (yeah, yeah, I know, but he’s very old) and have discovered that a PB sandwich on soft bread is still as lovely as it was when I was little. Now it’s my go-to staple for in-a-hurry noshing.

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Sloppy Joes

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All of it. I never stopped eating the foods I ate as a kid: fresh veggies, fresh meats, fruit, fruit juices, desserts, water, tea, coffee. The foods served when I was a kid that I didn’t like then, I still don’t. Also, I’ve added a few items that we didn’t have as kids, such as broccoli and mushrooms. My mother didn’t buy junk food and I don’t either. She did like to go to Dairy Queen which is a tradition I’ve kept alive for my own kids as well.

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Toaster strudels.

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Home cooked fried chicken. I always used to think it was nasty (too dry, greasy and salty) but that’s because I’ve only judged it based on fast food joints. I went to my friends family barbecue last month and his grandmother made the best fried chicken I’ve ever tasted.

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Yoo-hoo chocolate drink. (Yogi Berra was the advertising spokesman it at the time.)

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Malt balls. I used to get a box of malt balls at Thrifties drug store before we would go to the drive-in movies with my brother and my parents.

They have them in bulk at a lot of stores, but I never really tried them in that context until recently. Yum yum!

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Cream of Wheat. Mmmm, with milk and butter and honey. OMG.

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I haven’t revisited any yet.

I’d like to revisit Raisin Bran cereal, Fudgesicles, and Orange Julius.

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@Brian1946 I never outgrew Raisin Bran, it’s so good!

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