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Is the coffee from a Nespresso machine as good as coffee made from a stove espresso pot or a french press?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5479points) July 3rd, 2017

Assuming that a high quality freshly ground coffee is used in the stove espresso pot or french press.

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It’s different. I like my Nespresso and I use it all the time. Is it “as good”? Probably not. But it’s better than Keurig.

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Stove espresso pots are too variable in their quality. I have had some that were divine, some that tasted like recycled dishwater.

In my opinion, Nespresso is on a par with a Starbucks espresso. When I was in Barcelona last year, I was surprised how many places used a commercial size Nespresso machine.

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I love my Nespresso machine. I do think the coffee is better than the stove-top espresso pot (which we used for years).

It is not as good as the coffee I can get from some of the cafes in the North End (Boston’s Italian neighborhood), but it’s close. Plus the convenience of home use and easy cleanup help a lot. Plus, it’s about $1.00 cup.

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