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Any one pay close attention to news photos from N Korea?

Asked by NomoreY_A (5518points) July 4th, 2017

If so, have you noticed the people behind Kim Jung Psychotic are always holding a pen and paper, like they have to record everything this idiot says? Sycophants, or just scared shitless of the guy? What sayeth Jellyville?

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Throughout my entire professional working career I’ve carried a pen and either a notebook or a blank page I can use to record things that I need to do, to buy or to check up on.

When I go to meetings that include my boss or other executives, the notebook is a bound book, open on the table in front of me, and my pen is in hand to record specific instructions, group, project or executive needs and specific suggestions and ideas that I want to record either for posterity (to cover my ass, if need be) or to check up on later.

I have never considered any boss or executive to whom I am subordinate to be psychotic, criminal or insane, and I’ve never been involved in criminal enterprise.

Which is not to say that in a totalitarian regime one should not be routinely scared shitless.

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Probably scared shitless and sycophantic to try to stay alive, as would be expected. I don’t see having pen & paper having much to do with it, though yeah they might have to take notes as part of the expectations of their position.

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It helps them “look busy.”...

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@MrGrimm888 LOL – yeah, they’d better look busy, ya think? This little a hole had his own uncle executed by an anti aircraft gun.

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His wife appears to be fine lady..Don’t know how she must be putting up with the psycho..!!

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They are proving there is no shortage of pens and paper in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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No. I’ve seen peacocks before.

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