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What is the best way to treat anxiety without prescription medice?

Asked by puma24 (4points) July 24th, 2007 from iPhone
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I've been suffering from sever anxiety for the last year. I've found that herbal, completely natural pills help a great deal.

What kind of anxiety is it? There all the time, or does it flare with panic attacks?

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I also tried hypnosis which worked very well for me. EFT could be beneficial too. It's a useful way of calming yourself down when you feel anxious. It's supposed to make negative energy leave, but I reckon it acts more of a distraction. either was it worked for me.

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it comes with mild stress or when i have an important event the next day. Thank you for your answer.

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No problem. I hope something works for you.

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exercise helps

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Rigorous excercise. Especially the kind that makes your muscles sore.

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I have also found that regular excercize (regular is the key--it's more important for it to be regular than for it to be rigorous) helps tremendously. If you go running or go to the gym at least three times a week, you will feel a change...even better if you go more often. I ignored this advice for ages but once I finally started working out my anxiety was greatly reduced. Also, if you are having an anxiety attack, calm timed breathing is very helpful. Certain herbal teas also help to relax you, like chamomile (although chamomile can also make you feel sleepy).

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For chronic anxiety, daily meditation can help. Not much - 15 minutes per day - nothing mystical or overcomplicated, just a period of time spent quieting your mind of all those anxious thoughts and focusing on your breathing. I started with 5 minutes and found myself unable to turn my head off for even that amount of time. After a while, though, you do get the hang of it and can achieve a unique relaxed state that gives you a little boost for the day. After a few days of skipping it (which happens often), I actually feel a noticeable difference. There are tons of materials out there on how to get started on a simple routine. Helps with stress, depression and anger as well. It generally calms you down, centers you, and can bring you perspective. I also second the "exercise" answer.

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good question, when I find myself getting anxious, I tend to exercise, if it is really bad I try counting and breathing to my counting. example: 1: inhale, 2: exhale, 3: inhale, 4: exhale, etc. at a steady pace, not to fast (you don’t want to pass out) and not to slow (again you don’t want to pass out). Also if stress is a part of it. I like to make paper airplanes then rip them into pieces. it is a good way to get out some built up aggression without being destructive to actual property or people. Also, if you weld you can make things then hit them with a hammer until they are destroyed.

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EMDR. To get to the bottom of a specific anxiety (the only thing that will really make it gone for good) find a psychologist who has been EMDR trained.

Here’s a link:

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anxiety sucks i suffer so bad so so so bad

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