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Fireworks feet through city of Beijing... really not real?

Asked by XCNuse (1192points) August 11th, 2008

So here I am just had breakfast reading up on all my RSS feeds, only to come across this

Rumor? Or was it really all faked?

Well okay, what we saw on TV was faked, but there were some that they showed, but looked awful compared to what we saw, and I’m assuming that helicopter flew over at a totally different time because they said it was to dangerous to fly a helicopter around fireworks like that.

Owell, that’s one thing that fooled me, I caught the rest of the tricky stuff the Chinese threw at us at the opening ceremonies.

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Even if they were fake to a certain extent they caught/created the effect what they wanted and that’s brilliant. Absolutely awesome I think it was :)

I can see why it could have been faked, trying to fly a helicopter in those conditions would be dangerous, and even if they flew really high I don’t think a camera on the move could pick up the intense colours (if you watch at how clear and lovely they were) I think the actual fireworks would have been brilliant if you were there, but they had to enhance it for the world. It seems like a sensible thing. But I look forward to finding the complete truth :)

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Well that’s what I realized, if you go to that link in Gizmodo and check out the comments someone posted a video of the real fireworks which were bright as anything, but they weren’t really shaped like feet lol

Either way, it fooled me!

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Never mind. I thought I had a point to make, but I don’t.

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