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If you could create...

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) August 11th, 2008

a insect that did your daily bidding, what would it do for you and how would it make your life easier?

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It wouldn’t be worth it…. I hate bugs!!

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i hate bugsss!!!!!!!!!!! =[

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I would make an insect that would go to work for me. It would live somewhere else, and the pay would be direct deposit, so I would never have to see it. Perfect :)

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Hmmm. An insect that breaks down trash, or air pollution, or oil spills. Maybe an insect that can feed off of material on Mars and produces O2 as waste (terraforming).

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I’d make one that would patrol my house for other intruder bugs, pick them up, fly them far away into the forest around my house and drop them off to live happily elsewhere. Oh, and did I mention that the shebug would be soooo cute!

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An insect?!!

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It would eat all other bugs, be invisible and silent.

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@Magnus… what if you sat on it? UGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH shudder

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Good lord, you guys are so shortsighted (except for syz). We need bugs. They already
work for us. You’d like a link, I know, but forget it, I don’t do links. I’ll do links when I get
Bugs pollinate. They break down garbage. They break down corpses – we need someone to do that, you know. Those are good things. I’ll tell you some more later.

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Invisible shudder that is.

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@sucanc: that’s all well and good, as long as they do their work far away from me! they terrify me, useful or not.

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Hey, I’m only ‘relocating’ mine…you know,re-introducing them to the wild…

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Well i admit I am not fond of ssssss pi derzzz ew ew

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It would be ride-able, six feet tall, eight feet long, cruise at 70 miles per hour, subsist on air and sunlight, and love to landscape.

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It would eat other insects in my environs like the spider inside the living room window this morning, and the giant moth that flew straight at me yesterday.

But I don’t want it to be a bug. It’s an insectivore tribble. Forget quadrotriticale.

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Where there are Tribbles, there will be trouble.

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I’d want jiminy cricket

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Manicure my lawn.

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I’d have to mutually agree with Marina , definetely have it act as an additional bug repellant against other insect’s and have it like a commando on the loose killing all of them off within my house =^.^=

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