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In what ways can one go too far in seeking "lurve?"?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) August 11th, 2008

Someone on one of my questions made the statement they they thought some people go “way over the top” in seeking lurve points. Being new, I have no idea what that means. What are examples of such behavior? Why does anyone care about lurve? What does a high “lurve” score mean to you?

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I suppose like any internet site with points/levels/whatever the more lurve you have the bigger your e-penis.

Hah. I kid. Or do I?

I always aspire to get a higher lurve score, just because it’s nice to see it go up, like anything it’s not nice to be stuck in the same place for a long while (well that’s me personally) it’s nice to see that number change haha. But when I see it go up I also know that someone has found an answer of mine interesting or helpful which I also enjoy seeing.

I’ve never seen examples of going OTT. Some answers do get quite lengthy, but that’s not because they want points (I doubt) but more of it’s something they’re interested in and feel they can answer well and in an informative way. The more information you get with links to other sites for further reading you get the more useful an answer may be. Some people can just type forever and it gets annoying to read the whole answer, but it’s also nice to see when you ask a question that people have spent the time and effort in answering your question, see where I’m coming from?

Maybe everyone is conspiring against my ideas and everyone just wants points.


It’s nothing to get obsessive over. It’s only the internet, not going to get you anywhere quickly, you don’t rise higher in society, you don’t get a pay rise, you’re e-penis doesn’t actually get any bigger and the world isn’t going to make you take a bow just because you’ve got over 10000 lurve. Although I’d like to see that (and I have absolutely nothing against anyone who reaches that point, please take a bow if…oh wait).

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Just be yourself and give great answers. The lurve will come naturally if it is deserved.

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With luck, you have enough real love in your life so that lurve, while sweet, is seen as a thank you, and not a substitute for the real thing.

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IMO asking for lurve or clearly taking a populist view – perhaps even repeating what others say – is going too far.

Ask and answer as you see fit – chances are others appreciate it and give you lurve. If they do: great, if they don’t: oh well!
Aim to contribute and sharing your view, opinion, expertise and experience (and perhaps a little humour where allowed). Don’t look for lurve, let lurve come looking for you that was too cheesy, even for me!

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Oh, I don’t care about points. I just do it for the fun of answers. And I do say what I think, which is usually not popular. I generally don’t try to make an answer great, whatever that means. I just say what I have to say, and try to make it as clear as I can. My reward is when people write me because they’re interested in what I said. If no one is interested, then I probably will quit.

Still, I’m curious as to the ways people think others are just fluffing up their answers in order to get more lurve. Do longer answers get you more? That seems strange.

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Long, detailed answers often get a lot of GA’s. I’m not sure if it’s appreciation of the details or appreciation of taking the time to type that much….

Personally, I tend to dish out lurve on initial reaction, so I probably GA more short/smart/sharp/snappy answers than mini-novels (except if I asked the question and someone takes the time to explain something I really want to know )

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Yeah, this GA thing. I’m not used to it. Do you read an answer, and make a decision right then? Do some people think and come back later? Is it a friendly thing? Or what kind of assessment is involved in it? I mean that for each person as an individual. I don’t expect anyone to answer on behalf of the collective.

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I don’t think it over (that should be my motto…). If I like the answer I’m reading, I’ll GA it! Who wrote it doesn’t matter. I’ll GA any answer I like, whether I’ve already maxed out on the user or not and whether I usually agree with that user or not.

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Spend lots of hours answering questions.

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Ah looking for lurve in all the wrong places…I pretty much ignore it or don’t see it. Maybe cause I’m a newby or maybe cause it’s in small print beside my name and I don’t check my name cause I know who I am. I don’t know…just lurve me anyway, okay?

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Apparantly, Seeker, we can give lurve to others by clicking the Great Answer button.

But Wildflower—what do you mean “max out on a user?” Is there a daily cap? A lifetime cap? Is there only so much lurve you are allowed to give?

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I’m not sure what I think constitutes “going too far.” Probably, as people have mentioned, going with a popular view even if you don’t agree with it.

Personally, I give out lurve for a few reasons. Answers that really answer the question/solve the problem and offer a lot of interesting information get lurve from me. So do short, snappy quips that make me laugh. And sometimes if a bunch of people have already given the answer that I wanted to give, I’ll just go through and lurve them all instead of posting the same thing again.

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Lifetime cap. You will only increase the score of another user up to a point – it was set up to prevent abuse of the system (tried to find link to one of the threads discussing it, but I gave up after 5 pages of Q’s and no joy – it’s there somewhere…). I think you can give another user about 300 points worth of lurve. After that, you’ll still increase the “Great Answer” count, but not the score.
Personally I don’t let it affect me. I like it when I see someone clicked to say they liked what I said, what my count is, isn’t important.

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One thing that cracks me up regarding Lurve is when an over-Lurver (usually an umpteen 1000 Lurver) disses a low-level Lurver as if they don’t know anything. It generally relates to etiquette and commonly goes like this “Well, maybe you should wait to make a comment like that until your Lurve is higher”. The assumption is that a low-level Lurver is not as jelly-savvy or as knowldegeable as an over-Lurver. I ask, what’s Lurve got to do with it?

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I made the comment earlier on a previous thread…and what I meant by it was this….the question can be simple, and just requires a bit of information. And someone has gone waay to into detail when I have summed it up in half the words, I got my point across, and made clear the same points. I don’t really want to point fingers, but I’ll send you one in particular that just edged me a bit.

I just felt someone in there was trying a bit too hard…and the question wasn’t really that complicated. Perhaps I just over-simplified, I don’t know.

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It’s not a competition.

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AstroChuck begging to be pushed over 5000 without giving an answer that warranted it. Begging. That is sad.

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I just be myself and get points or don’t get points who cares really? Scaling me won’t hurt me.

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The thing was that all the so called “chessy” answers were marked as great answers. Ha.

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