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Do men come with a defunct thermostat?

Asked by Earthbound_Misfit (13177points) July 7th, 2017

My husband just ran us a bath, and it was tepid. It’s freezing here at the moment (by Brisbane standards) and I was looking forward to a nice hot bath.

I’ve noticed he has a very different tolerance to water temperatures. And I’ve read things that suggest this is not unusual. That women can tolerate much hotter water than men.

Is this your experience?

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Women have 2 extra layers of subdermal fat than men do. This may have something to do with it.

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Your husband probably has a different take on just whose thermostat is defective.

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I am with @stanleybmanly on this. Constantly getting “not so much A/C, it’s cold in here”, been like that through my last three relationships, while my son and I are sweating.

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@Earthbound_Misfit – not sure why the man is being blamed. Look within thyself.

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It also depends on what temperature you are acclimated to. I’m often out working in the heat and don’t mind if the ac is off even on 80 degree days because I’m used to it. My wife will protest and freeze me out. That said the hot water is never “hot enough” for her even though it would literally cause my skin to turn red and be unbearable if I used only hot for my shower.

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That is interesting, because men should naturally be much more used to being in hot water.

(I’m just sayin’....)

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Could it be the climate you two grew up in?
I mean, if he grew up in a very cold climate, then maybe he simply isn’t used to high temperature and would like to bathe in colder water. If you grew up in a very hot climate, then you’d be used to heat and be sensitive to coldness more than him.
I’ve no idea where you two are from and I know Australia has very hot climate, but this just crossed my mind.

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I have no idea if my thermostat is wonky. It works for me.

From what I guess, only men have answered this so far, and that tickles me.

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No fair thinking that men are to blame. We’re just different:

“The truth that yes, women generally feel colder than men do, primarily arises from a difference skin temperature. Women, on average, are physiologically different from men in terms of their size, weight, and bodily proportions. Being smaller, a typical woman possesses a higher ratio of surface area to volume, which causes her to experience a more rapid rate of heat loss. In a one-two punch of injustice, women suffering from measurably cooler skin are also more sensitive to incremental changes in the air temperature, so that they begin to feel the cold faster than someone experiencing an equivalent drop with a higher starting skin temperature.

In a technical sense, it would be correct to say that women don’t feel temperature any differently from anyone else as a function of their sex. Controlling for physical size differences, people of all genders should experience temperature in similar ways. Women are, however, more likely to be smaller, and smaller people are more likely to be colder. So the next time you’re in an argument over the cost of heating, remember that not all temperature-sensing bodies are created equal, and adjust accordingly.”:

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Adopt, improvise, overcome. Onward thru the fog.

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Maybe he just didn’t check the temperature of the bath? Ooh, maybe he resented running the bath for you and thought he’d make a hash of it so that you wouldn’t ask him again? (or is that just my husband?)

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My experience, is that yes females prefer warmer temperatures. Although, in many cases, they are smaller than men. So, it would make sense.

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A woman’s temperature varies a lot compared to that of a man. All women I know are very sensitive to changing temps.
Of course, running a hand through the water doesn’t tell a person how hot it will feel to their feet when they get in…

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This isn’t my experience. I don’t like to be too warm. This works well in our house as my husband doesn’t like to be too warm either. It means a higher electric bill in the summer, but we make up for it by not using a ton of natural gas in the winter.

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Is your husband heavier than you? My husband started putting on weight about a year ago. He’s probably put on 75 pounds. He has gradually become less and less reactive to cold. I’ll be freezing, with a tshirt, sweat shirt on, and covered by a blanket and he’ll be sitting over there in a Tshirt. Before he’d be wearing a sweatshirt too.

I have always been “underweight,” and generally speaking I’ve noticed that the heavier people are the colder their environment is (assuming they are controlling their environment.)

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@Dutchess_III ”...started putting on weight about a year ago. He’s probably put on 75 pounds

Get your hubby to a doctor, that is a lb and a half a week! 6 lbs a month! That’s almost an extra 1,000 calories per day over what he was eating a year ago, every day!

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I know. Actually, it hasn’t ALL been put on in the last year, just a good portion of it. I can’t say anything. I try to carefully educate him in calorie consumption, but he refuses to listen or gets defensive. Like, he got a medium strawberry / banana smoothie from McDonalds. Asked if I wanted some. I said, “No, man! There are probably 400 calories in the thing!” (This was off the top of my head.) He didn’t believe me. It’s strawberries and bananas, right? Yeah, with tons of fat and sugar added. People wouldn’t eat it if it was just strawberries and bananas. He refuses to accept any of it. Refuses to believe that sausage is just about the highest fat and calorie content of any meat, and he eats a lot of it. Refuses to order bacon instead of sausage when we have our Saturday morning breakfast out.
So, shrug my shoulders.

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My dear @Earthbound_Misfit your findings are scientifically affirmed by my many experiments in that very area. @ Duchess the visual thought of your narration made me sick

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I’m 6’ and 130 pounds and I keep my window open all the time unless it is snowing. Right now it is 48º degrees in my room and my window is open and I am topless. Totally comfortable.

The odd thing is I am the complete opposite with water. I hate water that isn’t steaming.

And here is the fucked up thing. This is the hot water heater at my apartment. I fill the bathtub about 4 inches and I hit cold water. My normal procedure is fill the tub with as much hot as I can get. Then wait two hours and add the newly created hot to the room temp water from the first try.

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Thank you to everyone for your responses. There are some very funny posts above. For those suggesting the problem might be my thermostat, no. That is just not possible.~ @trailsillustrated has done research into this problem and has found it is definitely men who have faulty thermostats.

I should say his temperature problems are not just limited to hot water. In the summer months, even when the pool is at 30-degree Celsius, my husband will squeal the water is too cold when he steps into the water. Obviously a defunct thermostat!

@Stinley, I hear you, but in this case we have a huge bath. So he was going to join me and we sit and listen to music while relaxing. Hard to relax in the middle of winter in a tepid bath. Just doesn’t work.

All good though. The water was cool because we hadn’t had much sun over the past couple of days and we have solar water heating. We put the water heater on and had a nice hot bath the next day.

And @trailsillustrated, so good to see you here my Antipodean friend. Come and visit us more often. We miss you.

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