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If you walk barefoot in a room with other barefoot people, can you pick up their DNA through your feet?

Asked by Wok_this_way (46points) July 7th, 2017

Was thinking…if DNA from another could be transmitted onto one’s foot…could diseases be transmitted?

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That is not how it works!

Did you take a 10th grade Biology Class?

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Diseases can be (athlete’s foot) ; but are the other person’s DNA.

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My hobby is jamming at barefoot only bars to pick up DNA on a Saturday night, mostly between the toes.

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^I like you. Welcome.

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@Pinguidchance “you the Da One ! ! !”

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Only if you all suck each others toes.

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Nope, not even if you are playing toe jam footbal.

Come Together.

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Only for forensic purposes. That is, you could get some dead skin cells or hair from them stuck to your feet, with their DNA in them. They would in no way influence your own body’s use of its own DNA, but you might drop them off somewhere later, potentially confusing some forensic investigator.

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Maybe, but they would have had to have excreted a bodily fluid, dropped some greasy hair, or flaked off some skin. All of which sounds rather gross.

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If you walk barefoot in a room with other barefoot people, can you pick up their DNA through your feet?

Of course we can.

I’m willing to donate.

And provide foot tapping music to get us in a footsie playing mood.

Four Tops: Wok Away Renee:

Dionne Warwick Wok On By:

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No. Diseases are transmitted through openings in the body: The mucus membrane the nose and mouth for example. Through an open wound, for another. The skin is designed to keep all the shit out, so the shit stays out unless the skin is compromised in some way.

I go barefoot as much as possible.

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You can pick up their foot fungus.

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