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What's a good forum for getting people to read my personal essays?

Asked by AmyClaire (31points) August 11th, 2008
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Telling me where it is and what you want out of me reading it. I’m a writer and editor, so I can edit or just read… and I’d love to read it.

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What kind of personal essay is it? I know of some sites but it depends on what kind of essay it is to what site is best.

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I feel the same as SeekerSeeking if you are willing.

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I use myself. It’s a good place to put whatever you’ve written, including essays; people can leave reviews, and it’s generally a fun place!

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I’m in awe of people who can get published!

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Try me!
Blog Journal
Right here in a friend’s comment section. One you have grown to like and trust.

Good luck to you.

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Create a blog.

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