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How many square feet in the Kremlin that is used for spying?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13738points) July 8th, 2017

I saw a photo and It doesn’t seem enough room for the spying needs in Moscow? So with that tibdit of wisdom where is Russia’s real location for spying? Humour/humor welcome. I was raised In Canada that the Kremlin is where the Soviet Union’s spying HQ.

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Besides being an actual building, the Kremlin is a sort of figure of speech for the Russian government. Sorta like how the White House is for the presidential administration, regardless of where the president physically is any given time, and Downing Street is for the government of the United Kingdom, or how Wall Street is used to refer to the US financial industry as a whole.

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Old castle in Cuba
Underground bunker in Montana
Converted apartment complex in Montreal
1700 compartment sleepers in various locations around Japan
A chalet in the Alps
The basement of a German massage parlor
16 Chinese junkets
Area ZNV6844 on the moon

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Huh? The photo you linked is of decorative spires. The whole Kremlin is like this – notice the massive amount of office space.

On top of that, as Darth Algar wrote, the administrative needs of the Russian government in Moscow extend to many other buildings as well.

As for how many square feet are “used for spying”? Who knows and by what definition would they answer that?

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Easy, 113,487,093 Sq ft…

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Like @Zaku said it’s huge complex spread across 27+ ha of land comprising of multiple buildings / palaces etc. Here’s the wiki Link:

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None. They moved that operation to the White House.

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The Kremlin is Russia’s attempt to build their own Disneyov Landovski, a direct result of espionage when agents Snow White & Sleeping Beauty spied on Walt’s crib back when it was under construction.

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