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What are your thoughts on congress approving a space army?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (19124points) July 9th, 2017

Yes. The USA military will now be developing a space branch, for the Airforce.

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I mean, what are they gonna fight against? Photons?

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@Sneki2 LOL

Maybe they can collect space trash.

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Off they go, into the wild blue yonder
Where they go? No body knows…

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Amazing the red neck right wingers bitched to high heaven if Obama spent a dime on anything he is going to bankrupt us all .
Now this happens but because it’s from them it’s fine,let’s take away affordable health we don’t need that, a space army hell yeah.

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I think there is an international treaty against militarizing space. But, alas, it is probably only a matter of time. I just hope the US isn’t the first to cross that line.

For those of you who think this might be a trifling thing, think about claiming and holding strategic territory on the moon or planets in the future for mineral rights, a space-based nuclear weapons station, or a space station that might suddenly be considered a threat. You never know what the future will bring.

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Air Force Space Command was formed in 1982 and its functional units are older.

They are in charge of missile offense and defense, satellite operations and cyber warfare.

They aren’t spacemen fighting in space like Buck Rogers.

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I think the first thing they need to do is to give NASA a whole lot more money to do basic research on heavy launch vehicles .

This is a completely blowhard idea unless it is backed by serious dollars for decades. I don’t take it seriously.

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Hypothetically speaking – if we attempt to militarize space then other nations aren’t going to just set back and let us. They’ll do it too. I don’t think that orbital weapons platforms are a Pandora’s Box that anyone really wants to open.

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they should assemble the Congressfolk responsible for this and sit them side by side on a long bench. Then an entire class of kindergartners should walk along the length of the bench behind them slapping each of the clowns upside the backs of their empty heads.

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Let’s be real folks. This is pretty much a way to shoot cash to red states that have military contractors.

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Sounds like a Trump idea.

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How else can we enforce a complete and total shutdown on Martians entering the United States?

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A complete boondoggle and waste of tax payer money. But why give us universal health care, or something frivolous like that. when they can create a new branch of the military for the war profiteers?

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@flutherother – too late, they are already here

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