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I inherited a bunch, I mean three boxes full, of 78 rpm records....any ideas what I should or could do with them??? I do have an old gramaphone, but I don't have enough room for ALL these records.

Asked by SeekerSeekiing (966points) August 11th, 2008

I used to paint on some old records, but these are too nice….

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I bet you would be able to sell them to collector’s quite easily. Alternatively, if you really don’t want them and they’re just going to end up as clutter, perhaps you could see if there are any charities who’d be interested in taking them off your hands. Oxfam in the UK have a program that lets you do that, but I don’t know where you’re based…

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Pick out your favorites, then donate the rest. My grandparents have so many they don’t listen to and they just recently donated them to Salvation Army. Or.. If you don’t want to do that you can always sell them and make some $$.

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Most 78’s aren’t worth a lot. There are some special labels that can bring some decent dollars so before you donate list all of the records by artist, recording date, label (color of label can be important) and song title. Call a record shop to find out who in your area is a collector and go from there. I used to have a consignment store and would get in many records including 78’s. I had one guy who specialized in ‘78’s and he could tell me what to look for. We never found anything of great value, but they are out there.

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Good ideas, especially listing them; that’d help me decide what to keep too!

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you could also turn them into bowls or coasters, then sell them!

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Surleygirl, how? I don’t think these are vinyl….they are hard and break easily… That’s be cool to do…

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ebay, baby

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Yeah, I’ll look at ebay, babycakes ;-)

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SeekerSeeking, I saw a craft show a long time ago that they put the records in the oven at a low temp for just a few minutes to warm up then you put over a bowl that is turned upside down any size to shape it. You can make ripples in it also if you want.

Not sure but it could have been a Carol Duval show on HGTV or another one.

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I’ll try looking it up, thanks lollipop!

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Also, if you want to keep the music but don’t necessarily want all of it on LPs, there are several good USB turntables that make it pretty easy to transfer your LPs onto CDs (or some other digital format).

Once you’ve got all the music you want, I’d say selling them to a used record shop or just donating them to a charity is probably your best bet – most of those places are happy to take boxes of old records off your hands… =)

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bowls: i think lollipop’s directions were basically what i saw.

there are also kits that you can use to turn your records into clocks.

if there are interesting labels, you could always frame them. or maybe make some sort of mobile.

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Thanks, I’ve already framed some unusual labels around our music room. Looks nice…I love the MASTER“S VOICE red labels with the dog listening. haha, thanks for everyone’s helpful suggestions. I’ll let you know what I do!

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use a metal bowl and melt them over it on a low heat in the oven keeping a close eye on them and use them for like candy bowls and such.

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