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What is the most intense feeling or the greatest rush you have ever experienced?

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) August 11th, 2008
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Being in love. Theres so many emotions at once.

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When I had my son and he was first place in my arms. I know that might not sound very original, but there is a reason that it doesn’t sound very original. That reason is because most people who have children (whether by giving birth to them or by adopting them) had a very intense explosion of feelings the first time they held their child.

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I definitely second TheHaight..

But another huge rush of intense feelings happened when I met Barack Obama.

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The birth of my daughter. She is about to experience that same feeling very soon. I think it will be today! YAY! She’s been having contractions since last night, so any minute now…..

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And you’re on Fluther!?

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I’m excited for you Scamp! :)

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Exciting times such as this would make you want to do something else to pass the time, child birth always has everyone excited(the partys involved).

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I’m excited for you as well! Congratulations!

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I always got a rush at the beginning of any race I had when I ran track and field (sprint events)....any competition I’ve been in like that, I get a huge rush. Also, when I graduated basic training and saw my mom there waiting for me after the ceremonies.

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She is 1000 miles away in Florida. I am in New Jersey. I am going down to visit on the 27th. We had no idea when i should take the time away from work, and since this is a brand new job for me, I had to wait until my 90 days were up so I could take the time I need for a proper visit. Beleive me, it’s no easy task being so far away, I’m a bundle of nerves. Sorrry about the thread jack. I am just so excited!!

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Your excitement is certainly understandable! Let us know how it goes.

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Thanks! I’ll start a thread when I get some news. Fluther and work are keeping me sane. I need the distraction right now!!

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Its cool. No jacking of the thread has been done.

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skydiving. It was the single biggest rush of my life!

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Thank you AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA , You are a true gentleman!

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And don’t you forget it, haha.

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Scamp, congratulations not doubt! And I agree, when my kids were born!

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when my therapist broke through my not-knowing.

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I agree with trudacia. Skydiving is quite a rush. I will never forget that brief second of weightlessness while spinning through the air.
@susanc: that can be quite a rush as well. That ‘OMFG you’re right, but I knew it all along’ moment is pretty intense.

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Playing with my band on stage in front of hundreds… and then my solo… aaaaah best time of my life. Also, sailing races are pretty intense, especially when its blowin 20+ knots, and your hanging on the trapeze on a far reach with your spinnaker about to tear and the sheets are ripping through your hands with salt water spraying in your face and you can hardly breath from exhaustion and then that 4 foot wave comes at just the right time and you pump the boom and just plane on that baby, sailing right by the number 1 boat… ah, the good old days.
Every time I get air on a snowboard, it seriously just feels like tangible freedom. Can’t explain it.

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during a crash / resus when the heart starts and breathing returns.

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No question about it, the birth of my daughter! Most awesome day of my life!

@Scamp congrats granny! We’ll have to trade some pictures!

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Congrats to you Scamp, and dragonfly of course.

I agree with Haight; there is no better rush than falling in love.

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I would have to say one being in love, but two every time I race I love that feeling of adrenaline especially on that last stretch your so tired so worn but yet you are picking up speed, and flying flying to that finish line.

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Babies, babies, babies…both a huge rush of love, and a huge feeling of RELIEF!

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Sorry to interupt once again, but the doctor says she isn’t quite ready. She has to go back home and ‘walk”. Maybe tomorrow!

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@scamp: She (and you) must be so frustated! Wishing you the best…

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@augustlan Thanks! The same thing happened when I had her. I had a ‘false alarm’ the day before she was born. I just hope it is soon because she is so uncomfortable..poor baby!

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Atleast birth is within a week or two and not another 8 months.

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Not the most, but definitely an intense feeling… is one of anger when I read/hear ebonics.

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You know, children should really stay off the internet.

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First wave surfed, Carlsbad pipeline. They call the feeling “stoked.” I highly recommend it.

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I think we all should go get stoked. And stroll the beach.

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When our eight won our state Head of the River.
Seeing Iron Maiden live.

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experiencing true passionate love.

Then drag racing in a controlled environment and hitting your goal.

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Jumping out of a chopper into a combat zone under hostile fire and living.

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