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Where do you draw the boarder line when it comes to TOLERANCE?

Asked by seVen (3472points) August 11th, 2008 from iPhone

there certainly should be a point of saying “stop, now this is enough”.

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I stop tolerating others’ actions when they begin to pose a threat to the safety, security, and well-being of another group or individual.

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I draw the line at willful ignorance, deliberate intolerance or intentional malice. I very much try to give people benefit of the doubt. If they’re acting in good faith and don’t know better I may offer some feedback but not punish or judge – however, if they know what they’re doing is bad for something or someone else, then I have no time, interest or sympathy for that person

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I won’t tolerate tolerance at all.

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When my conscience no longer allows for it.

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I’m with lefteh…I’ll tolerate your beliefs and actions right up until they cross over into another’s right to live their life as they wish, and so on.

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When there is a smarsh in my office!

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I don’t like intolerance, too often as a kid I was on the end that was being pointed at. Now it’s a good thing as it makes me see through eyes of compassion.

I had this experience at work. We own a furniture store, my foster sister and I, and hubby. I was at the register and this guy came up to check out. He didn’t know me from adam, but he started in saying the N word, N-this, N-that. I glanced at my Fsister and she kind of shook her head [not wanting me to erupt, I guess]. I’m the fairest, red-headed, green eyed girl anywhere. I thougth “now what can I say that will let him know I DO NOT agree with him—cause he obviously thinks I do.” Finally, I said, “Oh please, don’t use that word! I have family and friends who are black!” His mouth fell open, but he shut up.

My Fsister first told me I couldn’t do that in business. HUH? I said, I have to . . . it’s my ethic. She said ‘ethics have no place in business.’ Whoa, I told her I wondered if I should be in busienss with her! But she didn’t mean that, really. She was of the school, you don’t alienate a customer. I told her I didn’t insult the guy. I didn’t tell him what not to say. I probably didn’t change his mind. But I may have caused him to think the next time he sees someone in the South who he believes thinks just like him…and even if I didn’t do any of that.
I had to speak for myself.

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I will not tolerate bigotry or stupidity. Generally they walk hand-in-hand.

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I am bigoted towards bigots.

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My border line: I never allow boarders at my dinner table unless they change and leave the board at home.

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“What did the tree say to the sawmill?” “I’m board.”

Is a boarding party composed of boarders? Let’s have one!
We can do it on my dinghy! :^D

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I draw the line at non-tolerance in the name of tolerance.

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