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Do you know of a song like this?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) August 11th, 2008

looking for a song for a documentary trailer – tapping the collective…
the ideal song has all of these components, but any suggestions are helpful.

*intro is whimsical/happy/funny/optimistic
*beginning half has a strong beat/choppy (this will be used to introduce many characters so it would be nice if it had a lot of small sections)
*the last half builds in tension.

*hope/idealism/romanticism (ironic with dark/cynical undertones or sincere)
*conveying the texture of classic hollywood – 20s to 50 – literally or not

best case scenario the song is 2–3 minutes and has no lyrics.
if you can think of anything that fits even just a part of this, let me know.


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Check out the old Ginger Rogers/ Fred Astaire movies where they dance alot. Some great music, if I remember correctly.

Also the Woody Allen soundtracks in his movies about Manhattan..Annie Hall, Play it Sam, etc.

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The first one that comes to mind is Glen Miller’s In The Mood. It would seem to fit almost everything you are looking for. Good luck! By the way…it is my favorite song of all time.

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You could try this version of Bon Jovi’s One Wild Night – it starts with some elevator music and changes over to a fairly strong beat intro….

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Sounds like you’re looking for several textures that tie together stylistically; not sure if any one song has that, but you could edit some songs together in the trailer that have similar instrumentations.

Something that could be hip yet convey some of that would be music with a cabaret-like flair; some influences I could suggest (more pop-influence versus “classic” jazz from the period):

Madeleine Peyroux (almost an uncanny Billie Holliday voice and sound)
Nouvelle Vague (French pop group that covers ‘80s tunes with a sort of campy bossa nova-meets-cabaret sound; I esp. like their cover of Billy Idol’s Dancing With Myself);
Pink Martini-although their a bit more of a cosmopolitan mix of lounge-y and spanish influences.

You can take a look at a similar approach to a trailer for a film that I worked on (sound editor), where the music is three pieces that fit similar params/purposes you describe (although this film is set in the 90s).

Good luck; feel free to PM me if you need some more ideas.

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“The Birds and the Bees” by Patrick & Eugene? (although it has minimal lyrics)

Anything off Willie Nelson’s instrumental album “Night and Day”?

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I believe I have this one covered. The song is “The Day Begins” on the album “Days of Future Past” by The Moody Blues. This song forms an intro to the whole album, was not written by The Moody Blues but arranged by Peter Knight and performed by The London Festival Orchestra (studio orchestra) under his direction. It is all instrumental for just over four minutes until Graeme Edge’s narrative poem. The song has flourishes of all the upcoming songs. starts dreamy, becomes ethereal then mystical, then sounds like Hollywood musical dance number then some mild rocking. If the intro itself doesn’t cover, Knight arranged bridges between songs and string flourishes within the songs as well as the finale all of which will perfectly meet your requirements (in my opinion). And if you are not familiar with the Moody Blues, I believe you are in for a surprise. “Days…” is the first album of what has to be the greatest string of seven consecutive excellent albums unmatched by any other artist except perhaps The Beatles. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. Good luck to you.

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“Black Satin,” Miles Davis, The Essential Miles Davis

@whatthe- big fan of the Moodys. Got ‘em on vinyl.

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