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When you click on Chrome logo do you get the page with Google Search and I'm feeling Lucky?

Asked by flo (10703points) July 11th, 2017

Do you have to search Google in order to get it?

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Not the Google website page, no.
Mine opens to this:

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I wonder why.

Another thing, do you find you with Chrome you can’t select frrom NYT articles, and no problem from other websites’s articles?

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I don’t read NYT.

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@flo NY Times is behind a paywall.

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@DarknessWithin I was just asking about the tech part of it, I didn’t mean to ask you to read any of the NYT articles) why it’s only (as far as I know) with Chrome and only NYT. Washington Post on Chrome no problem, I can select, Any website on Explorer I can select.

@zenvelo I thought paywall is only about not being able to read articles wihout subscription after a certain point, and nothing to do with selecting and quoting from the articles already visible to anyone.

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