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Asked by intro24 (1434points) August 11th, 2008

Seen on a sign at someones house in Outer Banks, North Carolina. Google returns nothing. Any idea what it means. It’s been annoying me since I saw it weeks ago.

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Could it possibly mean that you only have 100% and if you say that you are giving 150% than the only way that is possible (mathmatically) is if your 100% is zero to begin with? (Am I making myself clear?)

Or could it be a comment on the recent housing market….perhaps housing values were projected to increase by 50% in a given amount of time, but actually it ends up that their home is worth zero because they can’t sell it?

I’m just guessing here, maybe I’m overthinking it or maybe my rambling brainstorming will trigger the correct answer in someone elses brain :0)

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