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What should I do?

Asked by marinelife (62460points) July 11th, 2017

My husband is pretty active on Twitter. He recently blocked a Trump supporter.

Then that guy called our house asking for my husband. I said “Who’s calling? He said “Is this myname?” I said “Who is this?”

He said “Your husband just blocked me on Twitter, but he shouldn’t have put his home phone number on his account. I’m a Trump, supporter. Have him call me.”

I’m scared. Should I be? What should we do?

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What are the laws in your state with regard to recording conversations? If you can legally record the conversation, I would call and then if he threatens your husband, you have some evidence to take to the police.

If you can’t legally record calls without both parties being informed, could you have someone else present and put the call on speaker so again, there is a witness as to what is said?

Is there anyway to trace your address from your phone number? I have an unlisted telephone number, so I don’t think someone without access to telecommunication records could find my address.

I think your concern is warranted. You’re not overreacting.

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Is this person from out of state? Does the FBI handle this kind of cyber security issue?

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Maryland is a “two-party consent” state, meaning that you would have needed the man’s consent to record the phone conversation.

You don’t describe any threats; is it possible that he merely wants to speak with your husband and doesn’t intend to harass, menace, or harm? Regardless, though, I think you’re right to be concerned. That phone call must have been very unsettling.

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Your husband caused the issue. I’ll expect him to deal with this person. Don’t worry too much. Any of those Twitter and Facebook keyboard hero really love to bluff and intimidate other people that are against their opinion. All bark no bite, I say.

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Tel your husband not to call. I would also block the number. If the number is out of state I’d call and inquire with the FBI. Many states have a state-level equivalent.

I’d also remove the phone number from the Twitter account.

It’s a really freaky coincidence that I saw this article today!

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Have your husband handle it.

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Can he talk with anyone at his office? I imagine there are people there who have faced threats like this.

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^ I agree with this advice too. I’m sure they will have legal advisers who can provide some guidance.

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I feel like calling Ben at home to see if he still knows anyone at Twitter.

I am waiting for my husband to get home so I can see their exchanges that caused him to block this guy. Then we can decide whether or not to contact law enforcement.

BTW, @Strauss our phone number was not on my husband’s account as this guy said it was. I don’t know where he got it. Even scarier.

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Most likely just some blowhard hysteric, do nothing unless he keeps calling repeatedly then follow the above advice.

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^ I’m not sure about that. It’s disturbing to think that he’s actively gone looking for their phone number, found it and called them.

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I would take this seriously. People can be strange. If he obtained your phone number somehow, finding your address may not be hard. Keep your doors locked, and a charged cell phone handy. Just be careful…

Good luck.

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Hope your husband is there by now.

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Maybe he got your number using a people look up search.

I don’t see that he actually threatened your husband though.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Maybe, but I think it best to try to stay calm and not jump to horrible scenarios. Call the police and ask them what their take is maybe. All good advice here.

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Tell him you’re a Bernie or Hillary supporter. Got a problem with that?

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@marinelife Any follow up? Hope all is well. :-)

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We found out that he got our home phone number from a staff page at work (hubby was dumb and put it there). That same page had my name on it as well.

After he called the house and talked to me, he emailed my husband at work and said, “I just talked to your wife. She’s a nice lady. Does she always answer your phone?”

Andy talked to Human Resources at work. They will fix the Staff page.They recommended contacting law enforcement. He also deactivated his Twitter account.

Now, it’s just a waiting game.

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Or maybe time to advise these Neo Nazi anus cavities that rednecks aren’t the only people who own guns. Just a suggestion.

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@marinelife: What’s a “staff page at work?” Is it on the internet? Is it a document in Human Resources? If it’s a paper document in the office, how did this guy get hold of it?

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Any new developments?

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@jca It was on the internet, but my husband thought it was only available on the intranet. HR is now reviewing their policy about what people post.

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^^Sounds like a bit of a silver lining!

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Hmmmmm… related?

Marc Kasowitz, President Trump’s personal attorney on the Russia case, threatened a stranger in a string of profanity-laden emails Wednesday night.

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@marinelife, did you call the police? Did they provide any guidance on what else you can do besides shutting down the Twitter account?

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Not too smart of HR to post employees ’ personal information on the Internet.

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@jca You’re right. That’s why they are now developing guidelines. This company only recently got an HR department.

@Earthbound_Misfit No, we decided it did not rise to that level. Nothing new has happened since my husband deactivated his Twitter account.

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Good to hear that things have settled down @Marinelife.

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