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If someone is doing graduate studies in a BCS for 10 years and postgraduate studies in 3 years, then what should he do further in his life?

Asked by spbuyar (2points) July 12th, 2017

one of my brother did his graduation in bcs for 10 years and further he did postgraduation in mcs for 3 years.So now he is searching a job for last 6 months.So what he should do now??

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What is BCS?

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I’m guessing bachelor of computer science?

It depends on what he wants to do with his life. Most reputable schools will help with job placement. Has he tried them?

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You don’t say what country or in what field he is searching. There are jobs in CS in California but it will be harder for him to come here if he is from another country than it used to be.

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Find a job and stop being a professional student.

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What did he PLAN to do when he started his studies?

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He should travel the world and see beautiful and interesting places.

He should also develop his inner self and develop emotional intelligence, then fall in love and live a wonderful happy life.

If he hasn’t found it yet, he should discover his genius and his passion, and then he’ll know what to do.

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