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I have linksys router for some reason i can only get online with one computer? Can someone tell me what to do to get more than 1 computer online?

Asked by beantownboy (2points) August 11th, 2008
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You need to go into the router’s setup menu and make sure you have DHCP enabled. You also want to set the maximum number of DHCP clients to something at least equal to the number of computers you have on your intranet.

You can check for connectivity to your router from each computer by opening a command prompt and typing:


That is the base address assigned to the router by default.

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Are you sure that you have a router and not a switch or hub? Your router would be able to route all addresses to the internet but the hub or switch would only route the first computer to register a mac address with the modem (cable or dsl typically).

We need a little more info here. What’s the model number of your router? Is it wireless? Wired? Have you changed any settings in your router? Have you tried to reset it to the default settings? (there should be a little button somewhere)

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it is definatley a router. It is wired to to the wall with a power cord and wired to modem but all computers are connected wirelessly. I already reset the router once after only one computer could get online now only the other one can get online.

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What model is your router? Have you tried to look at the log files in it? What exact error does it give you when trying to join the network with the other computer?

I would try the IctheosurusRex suggestion. He’s pretty right on with how I would go about to troubleshoot it.

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Is it a WRT54, by any chance?

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Someplace on there, there’s a little button you can push to set it to factory defaults. Try that if the menus leave you clueless.

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He’s right again. The default setup should allow both of your computers online assuming they join the right network.

We can definitely help you get it working if it’s a configuration problem but the important questions are as follows:

1. What type of internet is it? Who is your carrier (ISP) ?
2. What’s the model of your router?
3. What is the error message you are getting when trying to join the network with the second computer?
4. If you can successfully join the network but not see the internet, can you ping the router from that computer?

These will give us a real good place to start. Once we know the model number we will be able to walk you through opening up the administrator console and looking at the log files so we can tell you what your actual problem is.

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okay i think its a wrt54 router but im not gonna know until thursday when i go back home, i will try all that and let u know then how i make out, thanks for ur help

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I’ve got that model, beantownboy. I’ll take a look at the settings for you when I get back to the homestead.

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Any luck with the reset?

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