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Did you buy anything from Amazon yesterday for Prime Day?

Asked by jca (35994points) July 12th, 2017

Did you buy anything yesterday from Amazon for Prime Day?

I bought a pair of silver starfish earrings and two bars of nice soap.

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Yes and no. I bought from Amazon yesterday, but it wasn’t a Prime Day promotion, and I was going to buy it anyway, whether it was Prime day or not. Does that count?

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I picked up a couple things, battery/speaker combo for the echo dot, some small household things we needed

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@elbanditoroso: I guess so! Feel free to reveal if you’d like.

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Yes I did. But i insist it was not because of Prime day – although it did save me a few bucks.
I bought a new Kindle Fire 8 HD to replace my older kindle Fire that broke. I had been using it for its display and bar code reading capability. The front facing camera died so all i could do was selfie and that made it worthless to me.

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No. Navigation was awful, so it was too much of a hassle to even wade through all the offers.

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@ragingloli I agree! I just wanted to order the Fire. I don’t need any other stuff.
The first offer that came up on my screen was a “uniquely shaped” brown coffee mug with the words, “Coffee makes me poop!” printed on the side.

How did they know?!

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I’m pretty clueless. I ordered bags and filters for the vacuum a day earlier on Monday. I hate finding out that I missed the deal. Story of my life.

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I bought a couple of ebooks and the $0.99/month four month trial of unlimited streaming music.

I don’t plan to keep the streaming after the trial. I already have a lot of music available through Amazon Prime and I don’t listen much.

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No, I am in the market for a Tonneau cover for my truck so I looked but nothing was offered and the prices listed were no better than at any other time so I will just keep on looking.

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@jca Nope. I don’t subscribe to Prime.

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No. I don’t even like virtual crowds.

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Yes—a second Echo Ďòt for my house. $15 savings. Great product.

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Some books.

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I don’t have prime so I didn’t. But there was a sweet deal on a 8TB hard drive I tried to get some people that have prime to order for me. But by the time I heard back from anyone the deal was over.

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When the USPS mail lady drove up in her truck yesterday she mentioned it was absolutely full of packages from Amazon and another guy was following behind to deliver packages for my road.
I’m sure China’s economy had a positive blip.

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