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Any preparation tips for our toddler's first flight (3 hours)?

Asked by Jill_E (885points) July 24th, 2007
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Bring an empty sippy cup and fill it once you are on the plane. If your toddler get very cranky while the plane is ascending or descending, it may be the discomfort caused by the pressure change. Have your toddler sip the sippy cup during ascent and descent to equalize pressure in the inner ear.

Use portable video player (iPod, PocketPC, Zune, portable DVD, etc.) and prepare a few cartoons for your toddler to watch during the flight.

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Can't go wrong with a colouring book in my opinion. Always kept me calm when I was little.

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There are earplugs for air travel that gradually change the pressure, called EarPlanes -- my son had chronic ear infections as a young child and we flew when he was 18 months and again when he was 2 and these helped. The sippy cup is a good idea -- make sure you keep it empty until after you are through security. I also brought a couple lollipops for him to suck on during take-off and landing.

If possible, choose seats that have a little more leg room, so he is less likely to disturb the neighbors. Request a Window seat so he can look out at the clouds and the scenery below.

Make sure he brings his favorite comfort item (blanket, teddy bear, etc.) and inform him well ahead of time that the item will need to go through the X-Ray machine, along with your shoes and other carry-on items.

Three hours shouldn't be too bad, getting him prepared for what to expect will be the most helpful thing of all. Bon Voyage!

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Oops... I forgot to post the EarPlanes link.

They're available at most major drug store chains. Practice putting them in and out ahead of time -- again, to familiarize him with the concept. (with an Audiologist for a mother, my son was used to having me put plugs in his ears! LOL)

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Let your child help you pack his or her own carry on backpack filled with books,small toys ot favorite doll or stuffed animal my daughter used to bring Steffi her cabbage patch everwhere we went...even on trips. She would even pack Steffi's bottle and pacifierI

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in the event that the ear pressure thing is a bigger problem (it could be fine, but since it varies so much, and sometimes parents are unprepared for the hysterical crying), read up on the various things to do to help it -- as others said, chewing and sucking and sipping -- i remember a trick which i'm sure the attendents will know that involves putting hot water on a napkin and into a plastic cup, which was then held up around my ear (somehow warm steamy air helps the pressure??)

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Rum or vodka. For you, not the kid.

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Carry chewing gum – if your kid is old enough to chew it. It helps unstop ears and relieve pain. It is a good idea to bring it to the ariport with you, because concessions in many airports don’t sell it. Apprently people drop it on rugs, toss it in urinals, etc. It is also a great idea to get your kid to chat with a friendly flight attendant before you take off. If your kid has problems in the air, you can then call upon him or her for assistance – and your kid will already be receptive to whatever he or she has to say. Also, locate that barf bag before you need it. Kids have a way of getting sick in a nanosecond, and you want to be prepared.

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