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How do I find a lawyer who can write a "cease and desist" letter for me?

Asked by Jeruba (47990points) July 14th, 2017

And about how much should this cost me? I’m in Northern California.

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I found this site. It might be a good place to start.

I’m sorry, but I do not know the rates lawyer’s charge these days.

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Is this list of cease and desist templates at all useful? If nothing else they might give you an idea of what the letter should include.

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It would take about an hour, maybe two hours altogether including talking to you. Most average lawyers in Northern California in a small shop run about $300 to $350 per hour.

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Don’t bother using or or outfits like that. They’re in it to make money, not to help you find a good attorney.

When I was looking for an attorney I used legalmatch. It turned out the attorney I picked lied to me the first phone conversation I had with him. Of course I didn’t know it was a lie until I had worked with him for three weeks, but by that time I was already financially tied to working with him and I had to continue or start over with someone else with a brand-new retainer and be greatly delayed in what I was trying to do. Further delay would have put us in a tremendous financial bind. The result was I found myself questioning everything he did. Was he telling the truth this time or was he pulling another fast one?

When I complained to legal match they sided with my irreresponsible attorney. Now that I think about it I guess I need to go to the state bar and let them know what kind of jerk he was.

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My course of action would be to just start calling up different lawyers and explain what I needed. Eventually one of them would surely help you.

Is the cease and desist civil or criminal? You’d need a lawyer with specific knowledge in that area.

I’m sure you could expect to spend at least a couple hundred bucks for this. You don’t need a lawyer to write up legal documents, but they’d have more of a serious impact if it were written by one.

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Any plaintiff guy can do this and it will cost you around $125 probably. Just find someone who does civil law or in other words, one who sues people for a living unless this has to do with real property. In that case get a property lawyer.

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