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What are some peoples's names that sound similar but spelled differently?

Asked by AshlynM (10683points) July 14th, 2017

Like Don and Dawn?
Or Aaron and Erin?

Or what are some names that are the same but spelled differently?

Kathy, Cathy
Alan, Allen
Sara, Sarah

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My name is Rachel, but some people spell it Rachael.

There’s also Kayley/Caylee/Kayleigh/Kaley/whatever the fuck other spellings there are for that name.

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Lee and Leigh

Carrie, Kerri, Cary, Kerry

Jeffrey, Geoffrey

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My ex’s name is Caren. No one ever gets it right.

And then there is Michaela/Mikayla/Makayla//Michayla….etc.

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Colin and Collin

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Karen and Karin
Caitlyn, Katelyn, Caitlin
Duane and Dwayne

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And Rebecca/Rebekah

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Pronunciation is at least in part a regional matter. @Kardamom, for example, lists Carrie, Kerri, Cary, Kerry. In some parts of the country they do sound the same. For me, though, only two of those—Kerri and Kerry—sound alike; the others are distinctly different. (The usual example of the same thing is Mary-merry-marry: to some of us they’re indistinguishable, but not to others.)

On the other hand, there’s Francis (male) and Frances (female), which are pronounced exactly the same by all the English speakers I’ve heard.

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Brian and Bryan

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Ashley. Ashlie, Ashlee and Ashleigh

It made me very happy when 20 years ago they repealed that federal law which required all newborn females to be named Ashley, Brittney, Courtney or Tiffany….

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Leslie, Lesley, Leslee

Ashlee, Ashley, Ashleigh

Allison, Allyson, Alison, Alyson

Karen, Carin, Kayren, Karyn

Francesca, Franchesca (shutter)

Salomon, Solomon

Kathryn, Katherine, Catherine

May, Mae

Lina, Lena

Michelle, Michele (one l usually a man, but not necessarily)

My last name is spelled a few different ways. Two of the spellings are very common in America. My mom still pronounces it the “other” way, and she used to write it that other way also, but now she usually gets it right.

Kerri and Carrie I pronounce differently, just like I pronounce Mary, merry, and marry all differently. As @Jeruba stated that depends mostly on what part of the country you live in. I have a friend Kerri, and she pronounces it care-ee, and I told her jokingly her name is ker-ee. She had no idea what I was talking about lol.

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I’m from CA. Kerri and Cary sound the same, as do Mary and Merry.

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There’s also Jeana/Gina

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