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Im goin on holiday soon and all the reviews at my hotel are goin on bout leaving tips for the cleaner. where do i leave the tip coz i dnt wanna leave money in the hotel and they take it thinkin it a tip lol help plz?

Asked by eeyore200343 (175points) August 11th, 2008
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Put your tip in clean envelope labeled “Housekeeping,” and put it in a conspicuous place.

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I’ve noticed many places the housekeeper leaves a little note introducing themselves to you…I would place the tip there with the note, if they do so. But otherwise, an envelope if you have one, if not, you could always leave a little note yourself saying “for the housekeeper”. They’ll figure it out! If you wait till the day of check out to tip, it’s even more obvious what the money is. But then if you have different housekeepers during your stay they might not get any tip…

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Someplaces the housekeeping staff leaves an envelope in the room already deligated to housekeeping. Some places the staff is not allowed to take money out to the room no matter what. My suggestion would be call the front desk and ask how that particular hotel would like tips to their housekeeping staff to be handled.

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You could also consider writing a note on the hotel paper saying “Thanks for doing such a great job on my room” (or whatever) and put the tip next to that. Put your other money out of sight (personally I never leave money that I expect to see again in hotel rooms) but the choice is yours.

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eeyore: first off, welcome to Fluther-I think you’ve come to the right place to find an answer! I just want to point out to you that one of the guidelines for this site specify not to use txtspk out of respect for the community.

That said, on to answering your question: I usually write a note on the pad/paper stationary saying “thanks for cleaning our room,” along with a tip of 10–20 percent, depending on how much upkeep is done. If they’re just changing out towels and making the bed, I lean on the “lean” side, but if it’s anything beyond, i.e. collecting clothes for dry cleaning for example, I lean on the higher side. If they don’t service your room until you check out, then 10 percent of one day’s room rate.

If it’s a larger hotel, I tip daily; smaller, I wait until the last day of my stay to tip the total for the time stayed.

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