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Where do you think we go after we die?

Asked by Sunshinegirl11 (1110points) July 15th, 2017 from iPhone

It’s the question everyone is curious about but no one wants to find out.

Where do you think we go after we die? Heaven or Hell? Are we reincarnated? Is death the end? I’m curious to hear what everyone thinks.

I am a nursing student and I had a doctor (who is an atheist) tell me a story about his patient dying from cardiac arrest. When the doctors and nurses couldn’t save them, the doctor declared the patient dead. Then the doctor stated that some spiritual thing (he didn’t know how to describe it) rose from the body and disappeared. He said him and all of the other staff saw it, and the room fell completely silent. They just stared. The doctor says he still doesn’t believe in Heaven, but he believes our spirits live on.

Does anyone have any stories?

Before you answer, DO NOT criticize anyone else’s beliefs. If you are going to tell someone their belief is wrong, don’t bother answering this question.

As for my beliefs, I literally have no idea. I just hope there’s a place where I can be with all of my loved ones once again…

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The Divine Treasury, if you are rich.
Sto’vo’kor, if you die in honourable battle.
Gre’thor, everyone else.

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The earth or to ashes.

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The bidy goes to dirt, or besomes dirt.
The soul goes through the grand gate, and then gets reborn in another realm.

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Nowhere. When you are dead, that’s it.

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The same place I was before I was born. Wherever that was.

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Nowhere. I love @anniereborn‘s answer!

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I have seen a lot of people die. I’ve never seen anything rise from the body.

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Back to nothingness.

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We die. We rot. We’re just another type of animal.

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If we’re lucky, in a coffin 6’ below ground level, within a concrete vault/box. Or, in my case, my ashes will be buried in a urn about 18” below ground level. There’s nothing more than that.

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I go to August 25 , 2000 Camrose , Alberta, Augustana university when I die.

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We don’t go anywhere as when we die time stops.

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You would like to go to see loved ones. My mom feels the same way.
If there was a place to go to, there would be lots of different places. Like bachelor heaven, beautiful girl heaven, Catholic, Mormon, Jewish, etc. heaven, gay women heaven, gay men heaven, animal heaven, food heaven (the cafeteria), black, white, etc. heaven, married people heaven, singles heaven, smoker’s heaven, non-smoker’s heaven, hippy heaven, cowboy heaven, gun heaven, etc., etc. And you wouldn’t be confined to any one in particular, but be able to come and go as you pleased to any or all.
God and Jesus, and whoever else is in HIS/HER personal sphere, would have their own private heavens to go to so as to escape from all of the noisy foreigners that got let in somehow…
But seriously, death is like that dreamless, uneventful time you go through when you get a medical surgery, or dental procedure when they put you to sleep.

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Well, if you die under suspicious circumstances, and rot a while, you might go to Kathy Reichs lab.

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Denny’s, Steak & Shake, or maybe IHOP

Mox nix

No, wait…..make that Olive Garden (unlimited bread sticks into eternity….)

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Don’t forget the virgins waiting there in heaven aching to become non-virgins.

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My view is similar to @anniereborn, that when you die everything in your mind basically goes back to how it was before you were born, just nothingness. Your body is then only a relic of who you once were but you (whatever ‘you’ is) aren’t there anymore. I am and was raised atheist, but sometimes I have my agnostic days when I think “Well how can I know for sure what happens anyway?” So while I do believe that there’s no way for me to say for sure what’s what, I pretty much just believe that nothing happens. You’re just dead is all.

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To be clear, I am not necessarily saying that we become “nothing”. I am simply saying that “I” was somewhere before I was born (of course that could be nothingness). I have no knowledge of it, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t something/somewhere. It somehow gives me comfort to know that I was part of that before and I will be again.

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Oh, sorry! Didn’t mean to mistake what you said and group your opinion in with mine. I guess we have similar ideas but they are slightly different.

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@CunningFox Oh, it’s okay. I wasn’t miffed or anything. Just clarifying :)

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Heaven or Hell?
No, not per se.

Are we reincarnated?
Generally yes.

Is death the end?
It’s the end of your life on earth as the person you were. Seems like some part of the spirit/consciousness/soul/whatever continues somewhere. Also see past-life regression.

I tend to believe the many accounts that suggest that our consciousness detaches from the dead body and hangs out with some other consciousnesses and then can choose to attach to another new life. I think it may also not just be a one-soul-to-one-present body situation, too, even though when we’re experiencing being in a body, we mainly just have those thoughts and memories.

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We will become Soylent Green.

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I heard some things that it’s just like that Albert Brooks / Meryl Streep movie, ‘Defending Your Life’. God (pun intended), I hope so.

And if Rip Torn is there to show me around (and defend my life), that would be just delightful.

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We go to our eternal rest. Lights out, no alarm clock ever needed again. haha
I do not believe in an afterlife or reincarnation or any other fantasy realm after death. Dead is dead.

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We don’t “go” anywhere, just cease to be.

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I don’t know about you but I’m hitting Starbucks.

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Is that why their coffee is so nasty!

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I think I tend to agree with most of you on here—> death is an eternal sleep.

That’s what scares me about it!

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Well, were you scared before you were born?

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@sunshinegirl11Take it as an adventure. Who knows what beautiful dreams you’ll have!

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@Sneki2 Or nightmares :(

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@anniereborn Either way, you wouldn’t be bored.

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