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Good-bye to one of the greats - Martin Landau died today. Join me in a farewell.

Asked by elbanditoroso (30572points) July 16th, 2017

He was in all sorts of films and TV. My favorite was his role in North By Northwest, although check out his filmography.

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I remember him from the show Mission: Impossible. He was good!

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Oh I remember him Space 1999. Sad news.

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Sad news for sure.

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A damn-fine legacy, Mr. Landau.

Thank you…..

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Bummer. RIP….

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Mission Impossible is mainly where I know him from. Not a big fan, not having the same affect on me as did the passing of Adam West (Batman). RIP nevertheless.

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He was my favorite character in Mission: Impossible, the original series, back in the sixties. It’s hard to see the good ones go.

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Great actor! Sad news.

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I too first saw him in the old Mission Impossible series. Later I saw him in films and that he was a producer in some really good, off-beat, independent films starring John Cassavetes and his wife Gena Rowlands. He, Cassavetes, Rowlands, James Dean and Steve McQueen all graduated from the same class at The Actors Studio in NYC, and had attended classes together taught by Lee Strasberg.

I’ll miss his work.

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Loved his work. Check out his 2008 TV movie called “Still Lovely,” a tale of late-life love both sweet AND unnerving that older jellies will appreciate.

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Martin Landau was great in North By Northwest, Mission: Impossible, and Space 1999.

He was visibly intelligent, sensitive, a good actor and a good person. We need more people like him.

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