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Would Trump be president if he were black?REDUX (Details)

Asked by MrGrimm888 (12254points) July 16th, 2017

I asked this question earlier, around election time.

Would America tolerate such behavior from a black president?

Would he already be enduring impeachment proceedings?

What would be different, and why?

Would the world perceive his behavior differently?

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Oh. A jelly PM’d me not long ago, referring to my race.

For those unaware, I am a Caucasian male. If it matters to this thread….

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This is a racist question.

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I don’t think he would have got the Black or Liberal vote, but possibly more white votes. It would have been too confusing for many people. He probably would not have been elected.

As to impeachment—Don’t confuse public opinion with law. The requirements to charge a president and the process to convict by ⅔s of the Senate would be the same. He would last until serious charges were warranted, levied, then adjudicated.

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The question is race, not racist.
It is honest curiosity about how jellies feel things would have gone if _______.
My answer to that is a big fat hard to say. There are so many people, with so many individual opinions and expectations, we just can’t anticipate how it would have gone if.

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If he were black, he couldn’t even be Trump.

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No. The Republicans have their token black and female candidates, so that they can claim that they are not racist or sexist, but everyone and their grandmother knows that they would never elect them.

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A black man who behaved like Trump would be labeled a thug and not be given the time of day by half the American public.

Acknowledging white privilege is in no way racist.

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So much of Trump getting elected IMHO was a backlash against the first Black president so I can’t imagine he would have even gotten a foot in the door as a candidate.

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He just wouldn’t have the juice. It’s a good bet that a substantial percentage of folks voted for him specifically because he wasn’t black. Or Hispanic, a woman, gay, etc. I was stunned when one Trump supporter announced that Bernie was OK except for the big flaw of his Jewish background. When he said it, I realized that the country really does move ahead in some ways, because so little was made of Bernie being Jewish. I’d completely forgotten about it.

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@MollyMcGuire . Could you elaborate on how it is a racist question please?

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I know this question is designed to show how racist we are but honestly, the numbers don’t bare it out. Obama in 2008, garnered 43% of the white vote while Trump got 58%. Of course Obama got 95% of the Black vote while Trump only got 8%. The difference her is not the color of their skin nor their gender. Obama convinced the general public that he could bridge the racial divide and bring about positive change. He didn’t do it. Trump convinced middle America that he could bring about positive change. We’ll see if he can. The eight years of Obama have convinced many Americans that voting based on skin or sex is not a good idea and Hilary had little else going for her. Obama at least had a positive message even if it didn’t pan out. So far, nothing bad has happened as a result of the Trump Presidency and franly good things have. Race is not the only criteria no matter how much you want it be.

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No. He shouldn’t be president as it is, but it was the whiter conservative males who voted him in. I know some insane women did too, but it was mostly that sect. A black president wouldn’t have “fit.”

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@Jaxk . The question is not meant to explore whether or not a black person could be president. It is about public perception. Specifically, Trump’s behavior. If Trump were black, and exhibited the same behavior, would he still have his supporters? Would his supporters have even voted for him in the first place? If it is indeed Trump’s agenda, that is why they support him, and his behavior really isn’t so bad, his race should be irrelevant.

I have trouble seeing his supporters tolerate his rhetoric, and behavior, if he weren’t white….

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Of course not. His voter base is largely racist. Just take a look at the posts in pro-Trump hangouts:

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@MrGrimm888 – Be honest, you have trouble seeing how his supporters support him period. The addition of race or gender or anything else is merely an attempt to paint them as racist, sexist, etc. etc. You don’t like Trump, I get it. Apparently you don’t like America either, OK. I guess I just grow weary of these foolish games.

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@Jaxk . It isn’t a foolish game. Apparently you aren’t brave enough to seriously respond,to the thread. Not surprising….
Keep in mind, you were never forced to respond. Yet you did. I will have to assume that your guilty conscious made you try to deflect the thread, instead of honestly contribute…

I don’t have to “paint” Trump supporters in any way. They reveal their true colors, with ease… As was the case with yourself… Just like your boy, you lash out in anger and try to change the subject, rather than give a thoughtful perhaps insightful response to critique.

My conclusion drawn from your response is that the question makes you question yourself. And you don’t like the answer. So, instead of an honest introspective evaluation, you tried (woefully) to make me the bad person. I even attempted to play nice with you, and explain further the point of the question.

The problem with the right,as I’m sure you know but won’t admit, is that some are racists. They just don’t have the courage to back up their own beliefs. They want to support racist agendas, but are offended when they are called on it…

Either honestly think of, and respond to the question, or don’t contribute at all…
I hope I put that simply enough for a Trump supporter to understand.

Good day sir..;)

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If you don’t like Trump, you don’t like America? @Jaxk It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Trump is not going to be permitted the leeway to demonstrate any talent for governance. When he is tossed out, he will actually have the legitimate excuse that he was loathed beyond precedent and fiercely resisted at every turn. His fans will remain his fans even were he to sprout horns and a tail at the next prayer breakfast. The delusions of the left behind will never see the light of day, as all of the impossible promises bump into the crass realities. Trump just isn’t FDR nor Reagan. And as the redlands grow ever more crimson, the victims stranded there just don’t catch on to the fact that their darlings consistenly accelerate the process of selling them down the river.

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^Factual, and eloquent… Well said, as usual….

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@MrGrimm888 – I’ll throw a couple of comments before I leave this thread.

The impeachment question is ridiculous since there are no crimes to impeach. So NO he would not be suffering impeachment.

Would the world see him differently, I doubt it. His reception in the Middle East and Europe were primarily the result of his policies so NO I don’t see a change.

Would America tolerate his behavior? Hell some would some wouldn’t. Just like they do now. Nothing bad has happened domestically or internationally that would change a thing. In fact the things that have happened are good. Cease fire in Syria, Veterans administration revised, Illegal immigration has plummeted, jobs report is good. What’s not to like?

As for whether he would have been elected, it’s hard to say. The democrats would have had to run a very different campaign. Instead of relying completely on calling him a racist, they would have had to come up with some positive message. If they didn’t do that, YES he would have won.

What makes a leader? Why does one person garner massive support while another seemingly more attractive person falter and get swept under the carpet. I don’t know. Trump, black or white, is not eloquent. He does have a strength however, a connection with the common man. He projects hope where Hillary merely projected a dull drab continuance of the current state of affairs. I know most of you can’t see this and I doubt ever will. That’s why you continue to scream racist, bigot, misogynist, and any other names you can think of. Yor tantrum worked, you got your answer.

@stanleybmanly – I didn’t say if you don’t like Trump you don’t like America. If you call 150 million Americans racist, it’s pretty clear you don’t like something. I agree that Trump is not FDR or Reagan but he does have some of the qualities they had which I’ve mentioned above. Don’t worry about the Redlands, they’ve got their first glimmer of hope for a decade. Maybe Trump can’t deliver everything he promised but if he gets even a fraction of it we’ll all be better off.

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My, how well stated.

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See. That wasn’t so hard… Thanks @Jaxk .

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I agree. Well put. And no, the klan and fascists are not the mainstays in Trump’s retinue. But you gotta admit they do love him so! What is it do you suppose that draws such folks to the man? Were I to attach him to the bumper of my truck and drive (speedily) through the redlands would they be swept up magnetically? Back in the 70s, Trump was on the front pages of New York newspapers for defiantly refusing to lease properties to black people. He had the
nickname then of “No vacancy Trump”. Unfortunately for the Donald, he was the victim of another of those “business strangling regulations” – this time it was the Civil Rights Act, and the DOJ applied a blowtorch to his hot ass. By the way has anyone any idea as to just how many times the government he now heads has grabbed Mr Trump by his orange ear and hauled him before a federal judge? If you really want to understand the character of Mr. Trump, just take a cursory look at the titles of the actions brought against him by the city of New York.

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I hate Trump. He’s an embarrassment.
I love America.

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My first though when I read this question was Dr. Alen Keyes (a black Republican). Does he not have a personality similar to Trump?

Not too many people voted for him when was a presidential candidate in 1996, 2000 and 2008.

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Keyes is probably running for something somewhere, though you would think that he should tire of all that losing.

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@Jaxk ‘So far, nothing bad has happened as a result of the Trump Presidency and franly good things have.’ Can you please state these ‘good things,’? As far as I can see, there are no good things which have come out of the Trump Administration… But if you know something that all of us are unaware of then please, go ahead, enlighten us.

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@MrGrimm888 Absolutely not!

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^Can you elaborate?

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I feel that a lot of people voted for him because he is a successful white middle aged man (a la Reagan) and so he attracted the white supremacists, the sexists, the homophobes and the racists who all support his views and his prejudices. I think that ‘successful’ is the key part though- people think he will run the country like his well oiled businesses and ‘make America Great Again.’ A country should not be run like a business… You are not doing it for personal gain, you are doing it for gain of all. All people should be supported by a good government system and unfortunately Trump does not see it that way.

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“Successful” is relative. People who file for bankruptcy as a business plan are not considered successful. People who don’t pay their bills are not “successful.” People who circumvent the tax laws are not successful.

Trump is filthy rich, so many people assume that = successful. It doesn’t.

Several of our presidents were wealthy when they took office, including Obama.

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Let’s face it, @Jaxk. Trump acts like a buffoon. A black president would never get away with that. He speaks like an idiot. Very “New Yawk” with the finger pointing in the air, hand gestures, etc. He was on the news today at some press conference, telling people in Florida you can replace material possessions but you can’t replace your family. Very wooden speaking, not inspiring, not looking at the camera. A black guy wouldn’t have gotten elected acting the way Trump acts.

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The white guy should not have gotten elected by acting the way he does. I think America has lost it’s fucking mind.

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