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What does "stick the hydraulics under something" mean?

Asked by dariusbrent (14points) July 17th, 2017

At 1:40 of this video, the man said, “We stick the hydraulics under that because it’s a slightly higher risk strategy.”

What does it mean?

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He is using jargon to state that they use a metaphorical hydraulic mechanism to force more profit through the system.

(Hydraulics, such as the lift mechanism on an elevator, or the brake master cylinder in your car, is a method of using a liquid force enhancer to move objects).

And, they “stick it under something” because it is a complicated mechanism and not completely ethical and they don’t want people looking at it too closely.

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In the context of the video, where the “interviewee” is explaining to the “interviewer” (and I hope that you fully comprehend that this is a satire / parody video, not a real explanation of anything… no matter how close to reality it is) the reason why some fees are “jacked up” (hence the reference to “hydraulics”, in the sense of a hydraulic jack).

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Hide the details, sell the end result.

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