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Whatever happened with the mysterious cake situation?

Asked by generalspecific (1874points) August 11th, 2008

i found that question once when I googled something, and that’s what prompted me to join fluther.
and now I can’t help but wonder, did she ever receive more cake?
an explanation?

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Thank you! I saw that myself and have been wondering what happened.


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um, if you read through the answers, she said that she hadn’t gotten one in more than a year, and she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

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I’ve been wondering about that too… good one Gs :) by the way, what happened with the bad kisser?

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@La Chica – Oops! Sorry… bad job here on a new “flutherite’s” part.

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Did it? The last I saw on the thread is that it had been 5 months and no cake. Eh, whatever, my bad.
I was just wondering if any thing else had happened since she stopped following it.

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no, it seems like a lot of people have been wondering, and it’s still not a very satisfying resolution. he just stopped sending them. we never found out why he started or stopped, or anything…

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my bad, g, it my be 5 months, i dont remember

but how would we any of us know what happened if she didn’t tell us?

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true. I just can’t help being curious about such an odd situation.

@flameboi: ha.. nothing so far, I’m still debating over the whole thing :p

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Didn’t Mdy get so sick of being hounded that she entered the Witness Protection Program?

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She should write a book “Let them eat cake. How to be famous in a Web 2.0 world.”

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Someone left the cake out in the rain….......

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I don’t think that I can take it….

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And it took so long to bake it . . .

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And we still fecklessly shake it.

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(wrong gail.) And I’ll never have that recipe agaaiin! oh nooooooooo.

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