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Sarcasm is one of the greatest social plagues this planet has ever seen. It serves no purpose, distracts people from more important things, and is a waste of time.

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Not at all!

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So sarcastic that I flagged this as a great question.

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ha. too sarcastic for some people, I guess. I always say stuff like, “Oh, allergic reactions. I love those. I wish I had them more often.”
and I always get so many confused looks. it’s sad.

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Oh I disagree – sarcasm – used in the appropriate context – is perfect for getting a point across.
Sarcasm should just roll off the tongue. It’s not something that should be well- thought out. If it doesn’t just roll off the tongue with a wink and a smile, it might be construed as nasty. Oh and we wouldn’t want that!

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Hmmm, cat. If your sarcasm comes with a wink and a smile, how do you manage biting sarcasm?

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very, but only to the people I really dislike :s

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@daloon – maybe she uses a wink, a smile and a nip at the recipient’s ear? ;-)

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I can’t believe that I have to point out the sarcasm of trumi’s answer.


Yea he was being sarcastic. I guess when he winks and smiles at the computer it doesn’t come through too well in the message.

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I have different levels depending on if I am on line or in person or on the phone.

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Im pretty sarcastic, but at the same time sarcasm flies right over my head a lot of the time. Haha.

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Good sarcasm leaves half of the listeners thinking, “Is he serious?”

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oh for heavens sake bodyhead – you don’t have to do that at all.
Excuse me please, I’m new here and have not met your acquaintance or bodyheads for that matter.

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@daloon – that’s quite simple. just smile with teeth

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remind me not to turn my back on you!

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duh like not at all…. NOT!!!

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@daloon – wise choice – as you’d never see it coming and from I can see it’s a pretty wide target

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Sarcasm, this thread will have it.

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@ cat,
Wide? You think the world is wide do you? Well, if you can’t hit that target, you’re probably blind and locked inside a space suit.

On the other hand, perhaps, when you think about the alternative, you DO want me to keep my backside towards you! :D

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@ AV folks and other newcomers;

As much fun as it is to tell other people how dumb they are, that is not what Fluther is about. Many of us have quick tempers and very much enjoy wit and sarcasm, but you have to keep your head. Being a part of The Collective means putting aside petty arguments and quarrels.

You have to try to play nice. If there is an actual problem report it to the Admins, but otherwise just try to ignore it. This is the Internet, you’re going to find ignorance and intolerance around every turn.

Either try to be nice, or find a different website.

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Please tell me either here or privately if i did something wrong here in this sarcasm thread. please

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Was that directed at me? Was I being rude? We’re all friends here. No worries. If there’s any place there might be a problem, it’ll be in a sarcasm thread.

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Sarcasm? Never.~

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OK Trumi. I’m off to the time-out room. I’m so sorry that ALL us Askvillers are like, just so naive that we have no idea what the internet is about. You got a pretty big paintbrush, dontcha?

[daloon hies his ass off to the only chair left in the timeout room and sulks big time]

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please be sure to turn around and take care not to sit on me daloon wink, smile & LOL

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What’s AV? or Askville?

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methinks there might be a wee bit of assumption going on here huh? and I’m not referring to daloons either. LOL

never a good idea to assume because you know what they say . . .

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@bodyhead – sorry I didn’t answer your question. AV is an abbreviation for Askville. Some ppl that are participating in this thread have recently joined and some of them are from Askville which is another online communication site. -

I was hoping this was a thread to share the skills of sarcasm – but I might be completely wrong about that. sigh . . .

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That is exactly what I meant, Daloon. Hypocrisy is a wonderful thing. The point is that you can choose to post something like that, or you can let it go. You COULD assume that I am labeling all Askvillers, and therefore label me as being judgmental, or you could recognize how ridiculously circular that is.

That wasn’t towards anyone in particular, I’ve just noticed a lot of nastiness since the hordes of new users arrived. We can all be clever and hateful, the challenge is being kind.

I actually have a genetic condition which makes me incapable of recognizing sarcasm. They call it Whooshimia. Please don’t make fun of it….

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ok – i obviously mistook this for a thread that was funny. I didn’t see anything that was unkind in this thread. Though there are multiple definitions of the word “horde” – it’s generally used in context as in swarm or invasion.

Sorry you see it that way trumi

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‘How sarcastic are you?” Is there some new unit to measure sarcasm in a person? Well, on a scale of 0 – 503 (Sarcasms), I would say I am at a Sarcasm Level of about 343. And if you multiply your Sarcasm Unit by 4 and then divide by 2.3, you can easily convert into the SI unit of Facetioums.

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I guess for me, when sarcasm just rolls off my toungue is when i’m most often misunderstood, as in more than half of my listeners say, “what?” or think i’m being nasty…

maybe i’m just not very good at humor, but when i stop and think, ‘will the person i’m talking to know i’m joking?’ is when it goes over the best.

…but maybe you were being sarcastic when you said the opposite, cat, i couldn’t distinguish any winks or smiles from the rest of the pixels ;~)

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@ cat

the thing you said about the problem with assuming? Hey! I don’t have to worry. I already am!


Hey, this is about sarcasm. Why would you expect anyone to let an opportunity go to waste?

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@La chica and Trumi I am very sorry for offending the great Fluther Continuum – sheesh –
I obviously don’t get it.
I gave an answer to trumi. I thought that an opinion was allowed to be expressed. I have obviously made a huge mistake in my assessment. I apologize for being “new”. Some ppl are you know. I am sorry for intruding upon your community.
I should have known that all is expected here is to simply answer the questions. So I will. I’m reasonably sarcastic.

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I’ve surpassed sarcasm and have moved right into the post ironic.

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I’m…not offended at all. I was just offering another viewpoint, another answer to the question. I wouldn’t say you made a mistake, just that my experience and yours differ on the subject. One thing works for you, a different one for me. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I’m sorry I made you feel unwelcome. I didn’t mean to. :-(

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Please, everybody relax. Nobody meant any disrespect. Be nice, in general. That’s all.

Just go back to talking about Daloon’s beautiful ass.

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Hmmmm. Now I’ve been told I have a cute butt (I didn’t believe it for a second. No. Not me. Well. Ok. Maybe for one second. But not more than that), but no one ever called me a beautiful ass before.

And haven’t I told you before it’s not an ass; it’s the world? Well, perhaps I’ve been a bit inconsistent about that.

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I would expect, in this particular thread from beginning to end, that every single response would contain a whisper of sarcasm. If every single answer didn’t contain a whisper of sarcasm – then by all rights it ought to do the asker proud and contain VOLUMES
;) :) no teeth

Some ppl are better at it than others – but I personally have not been offended by ANY comment made here.And I personally meant no offense to anyone including daloons behind.

I’m not going to give up. I’m here to meet ppl and make friends and have a little fun.

AND I can be pretty darn sarcastic – but usually ONLY when I know that the person to whom the sarcasm is pointed, will – uh – get it. wink, smile, no teeth and lol.

peace on ya all

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wildflower took my answer!

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I tend to be facetious, but never sarcastic!

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Some say pious
I say “ignorance is bliss”

Sarcasm has it’s place and I have definitely found mine from time to time.

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I’m about 37% sarcastic on a bad day, 73.8% on a good day (some people just can’t handle it :-P)

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I’m sorry, hollywoodduck, but could you tell me the units you are using to measure sarcasm with? I’m sure it’s one of the major sarcasm assessment tools, but as you know, they are all different. I’m not fond of the Bradley-Dunn sarcasm scale, although I do think that the Frasier-Ali scale has a lot of merit. My personal preference is for the Windex scale. It’s fairly clear and straightforward.

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@daloon: See my answer above. I believe hollywoodduck is using the common SI unit of Facetioums.

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Perhaps we should have one of these

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But this scale is a discontinuous scale with arbitrary endpoints! How can you consider using it? Where were you trained, anyway? Risoto U?

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@wildflower: I like the way you think.

@daloon: Yeah, and the Fahrenheit scale is also arbitrary, so what difference does it make?
note: the Fahrenheit scale is not really arbitrary, each point is just 1/180 of the difference between freezing and boiling. But doesn’t that seem arbitrary enough?

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@Les: Were you a student of Professor Reistaffle’s, too?

Didn’t he teach that the boiling and freezing point of water is constant, no matter your elevation?

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@daloon: I think I need a sarcasm detector.

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Thanks Les! It doesn’t always get me in trouble ;)

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@Les: sorry, I think I may be straying over to absurdity and silliness, rather than sticking strictly with sarcasm. But I like the idea of a sarcasm detector. Is it appropriate to ask what it would look like here, and get silly, or should that be a new question?

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As little as I can make myself be.

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daloon…“Yer ass is like a map ‘o the world”’s that for sarcasm! please don’t hit/hate me….whimper, sniffle…

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@mee ouch: the truth is sarcasm? Well. Maybe.

All I ask is that you don’t use pushpins when you plan your conquest of the world!

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I’m guessing you’re not the ‘sado-masochistic sort? lol
What about indelible ink and post-its?

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Sorry, not into SM as far as I know. Are you sure you want indelible ink? I mean, plans change. There’s more than one way to make your conquest. You may want a more flexible planning system. Um. Were you planning to bring food for your campaign? What’s the menu for world conquest, anyway?

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Menu for world conquest would require massive amounts of proteins and carbs. Very little fat…..slows one down. I would recommend a hearty dose of red meat followed by citrus…....Oh….we can menu-plan later. I must think of an alternative to the latter. All in good time though my friend. Now I must sleep. Visions of world domination coursing through my veins…I mean brain…Now I’m just loopy. Night all!

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I grew up very sarcastic. I’ve discovered it’s a mix of quick thinking and personality types. There are Feelers and Thinkers. The thinker sees words as toys and so uses them in fun (to them) ways – sometimes sarcasm arises.

It requires a good understanding of the words in a language. (I tried it while learning Portuguese in Brasil and it failed miserably)

I think the world could live without it. I know when dealing with people who are more sincere, they don’t like it.

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