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Any tips on writing a good resume?

Asked by 0o_Niques_o0 (288points) August 11th, 2008

I’m fifteen and looking to get my first job
i’d appreciate some pointers on writing my resume
obviously i’ve done some research and found a couple of sites outlining the basics
just wondering if anyone could offer any tips on what has or hasn’t worked for them in the past

thankyou =)
any help would be appreciated

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Spell check is your friend. Have someone else read your resume for mistakes, holes, or disparity.
Be specific in what you did—give examples when you can. If your experience is babysitting, say how many kids you watched at once, what activities you did with them, explain that you had kids all day on a weekend…
Remember, at your age, everything will count toward showing an employer that you are a capable, reliable person. Include volunteer work, babysitting, lawn mowing, scouting activities (Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts), etc. This will show you know how to be someplace when you need to be, can follow instructions, can complete a project, etc.
Be truthful and thorough.

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Everything Dork says, as well as academic and extracurricular activities, that not only show relevant experience, but also your interests and dedication to the task at hand.

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@dorkgirl and augustlan
thanks for the help =)

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Anytime, Oo

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Keep it short (1 page), only put the most relevant stuff. Use action words (won, achieved, organized, past tense verbs in general). But remember as long as you can connect is as relevant, it is – just make is clear how it is relevant.

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@ empresspixie
thank you

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I read through my fair share of CV’s/resumes and considering you’re preparing for your first job, I’d recommend:
– A clean layout. Max 1 page
– Bullet points and short-ish statements. Think of it as an appetizer and the interview will be the main course.
– Good spelling and grammar
– Tailor it to the job you apply for
– Highlight relevant skills/knowledge

For the last part, think about what is required in the job you’re applying for and compare to situations you’ve been in, whether it’s comparing a job task to homework or working in a team to playing a team sport, find examples of how you have done similar tasks and developed relevant skills.

Good Luck!

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that was a big help! thanks

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keep it to just one page.

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Since you never had a job i would suggest going to they have sample resumes that have helped me out alot but My biggest advice is to be honest and patient.

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Also, don’t print it on goofy stationery, even though it’s tempting. Plain white bond, watermarked. Here’s a list of manufacturers.
You can buy it at Staples.

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@Knotmyday: You’ve just inspired me to go job-hunting, using Hello Kitty stationary – just for the fun of it…see what happens!

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go with Batz-Maru; he projects a more corporate image. Of eeeeevil.

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Nothing’s more evil than Hello Kitty

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I stand corrected. <shiver>

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^ thanks to all for the great help =)

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