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What are good or free DVD rippers for the Imac?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) August 11th, 2008

i need to a reliable and fast DVD ripper for the IMAC,i already know to use handbreak to convert,any ideas?

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mac the ripper

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is it free and easy to use?

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Handbreak is the best one. i think mac the ripper is ok tho, but i’d reccomend handbreak. it’s free and easy to use.

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but i use handbreak to convert the files after i mirror the dvds

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yeah, but handbreak is the best one ;) or if you want to create an iso image i’d reccomend disk utility. it comes with leopard, just spotlight it.
but why aren’t you satisfied with handbreak?

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handbreak only converts movies that i convert and break the code for,the problem is i put in a dvd and tried to convert it using just handbreak but it said it couldnt,due to probably the code on the dvd

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and whats the difference between GUI (Universal Binary, DMG) and Command Line Interface (Universal Binary, DMG)

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GUI is short for Graphic User Interface. that means you control the app with buttons, sliders, inputs and other graphic and interactive stuff. using your mouse cursor basicly. The CMI or Command Line Interface is when you run the app trough a terminal, where you can write commands using only text. You most probably want the GUI version.

DMG is short for Disk Image. this is just how the app is compressed.
Universal Binary means that the app runs both on PPC(old) and Intel(new) macs

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so then after i get that then how can i mirror a dvd or convert it or do both at once with handbreak, i mean it asks me to pick a place to put it in,then it asks for the file to convert,when i pick that file it just says i cannot do it

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Just to get this straight: Do you want to rip this dvd to your computer as a file on your hardisk or clone it to another blank DVD?

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i want to mirror it,convert it,then drag it to itunes and add to my iphone or ipod classic

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