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What is it that you live for?

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) August 11th, 2008

In your life what is, not the backbone, the brains behind your purpose. What are you waking up for everyday, why do you strive? Earlier today I lost alittle focus on objective. That is what brought this question to my attention.

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Music, Knowledge, Friends, Experience. something like that.

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I second trumi! Trumi, you’re my personal… oh crap, you get it.

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I live to live. I’m a very open-minded individual and I can’t begin to convince myself that I know the purpose of anything, if there is a life after death, or if I even believe in purpose at all. Sometimes, as much as I look for the meaning behind things, I think to myself, “But maybe there isn’t one at all”. And I’m okay with that. Even with all of the negative aspects of life, it’s still unimaginably beautiful to me.

I strive because maybe when we die, that’s it – nothingness. If that’s the case, I’m going to make the most out of the life I do have left to live. I don’t even have to do anything spectacular to know that life is awesome. Even the small things – broken down to minutes or even seconds – make me strive to take in more. Beauty is literally everywhere in life. A lot of people think they have to do such great things to make their life worth something… But it’s not true. Even the fact that life as we know it exists at all makes every minute of it worthwhile. :)

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Seeing my wife and my cats, satisfying my senses, and expanding my knowledge.

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Giving my girls a better childhood than I had, helping them grow into better women than I am. After that’s done, I guess I’m up shit’s creek without a paddle!

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I live for the opportunity to make the world a better place in some small way. I try to put a smile on someone’s face, to do a good deed, or to make a stranger’s day a little more surreal than it started out. There are so many spreading anger and violence. I want to do better.

I had an MI in June and nearly died. I’m much more appreciative of what I have in the way of important riches… family, friends, pets, and the kindness of new people that have touched me since then. I want to pass on the love and caring so others may realize it before it’s too late.

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Right now, the reason I wake up every morning is so I can get into the lab, get a few more tests done, analyze just a little more data so that one day, in the not too distant future, I can graduate from this urine soaked hell hole they call Grad School and move on with my life far, far away from academia.

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I get up because the Frosties won’t eat themselves.

No seriously now, I at the moment there’s not much to live my life for, I get up and do what I do everyday, on a school day I go to school, on a school holiday I sit at the computer. Although my aim is to get into university and study a subject I like and then to go on and do something in the nuclear industry. I guess I live for helping the world, or at least a very little part of it with my talents. I want to do a job I enjoy personally but also has a use in society.

I also wake up for music. I <3 music.

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That’s a good question. I think I have to think about that for a night.

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riding my bike.

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I live for my husband, family, grandchildren. I want to be there for them, to help them any way I can, and to enjoy them for as long as I can. Oh yeah, my dog and cats too! Can’t imagine life without them!

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I often wonder if I should have more of a set objective. The closest I come is this:
I didn’t choose/plan to come to life, but since I have the privilege of this one weird, wonderful and crazy life, I’ll try to make the most of it. See, hear, taste, feel, learn, experience, accomplish and achieve as much as I can.

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beer & pizza

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God and Family, in that order. I’m trying to be a better Dad than my Dad was, I love being with my wife and kids. And if I can point someone to heaven doing that, bonus.

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I’m still searching….

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…for the day when people can accept others’ differences. Looking long enough to find the beauty of that person through their individuality instead of racing headlong into a judgement based on first impressions.

We owe that much not only to others, but ourselves. You are robbing yourself of a truly unique experience and perhaps a friendship if you can’t/won’t see beyond the exterior.

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Mashed potatoes
My Husband & Son
A great glass of champagne
Experiencing the world
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Fluffy pillows
Chocolate Chip Cookies—- freshly baked
My dog
Making a difference
Helping others
Finding meaning
Fresh bread with homemade jam
Berries in summer
A sunny day
The beach
Finding the good in others; recognizing the flaws in myself

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If not me, then who else?

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#1 My daughter!

#2 My wife and myself!

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I live to:
1. get up
2. come sit in my office
3. process paperwork

That paperwork is probably important in the big scheme of things. It’s probably better that I don’t take any chances.

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Somewhere in the South Pacific, a young Marlin is swimming, eating smaller fish and growing bigger and stronger every day. He and I have a rendezvous.

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Today: A really good piece of chocolate

Most Days: Having fun, joking around and being as silly as possible!

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I get up every day basically because I have to. But when I think about it, I guess what I live for is to find my purpose in life. Also, knowledge, truth, and things that seem fleeting, such as happiness, great personal connections, the feeling of God in a beautiful moment, beauty that touches my soul, and the pure joy that comes from helping others.

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AlenaD….stunning…simply stunning!

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Aw, thanks. :)

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Deservedly so….

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Life itself, with as much joy and fun as I can get out of it.

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little things…

Sunday thunderstorms under the covers, snow on Christmas, laughing so hard you feel like you’re going to pee, dawn on the Jersey shore with a venti white mocha from Starbucks, the way the world always seems to look different on Halloween as if the light is sent through a different filter just for that day, napping on the couch after Thanksgiving dinner, making my grandmother laugh, waking up with a cat on my back…

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poofandmook….I believe you just brought a tear to my eye….No, I know you brought a tear to my eye. You sound like a lovely person. I’ll bet you are.

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Thanks, mee_ouch :) I like to think I can be.

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Hugs to you!!!!

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me, myself and I :)
Then I can share myself and good nature with friends and family.

Every breath I take is a blessing and I live life like it is my last day on earth.

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freedom, music… it is the only air I breathe.

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Love. I live for love.

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Marijuana….Without it, I would have blown my head off already.

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Nothing, at all.

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@90s: Live for the future, then. It will get better…just hang in there!

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I wish i knew.
I hate society.. Never will i want to settle down have a family or get a normal job.
If i live life id want to do it in solitude, I wish very much so i was ignorant to all the horrid things around me but i never will be.
i just hate what the human race is.
including me.

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@Unsure Welcome to Fluther. I’m sorry to hear that you’re in such a mindset at the moment. Please keep an open mind about humanity… there are good people in the world!

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Maybe tacos now…

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i’m not feeling all that deep right now, im tired…

so cake =)

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My children, that is my sole purpose.

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I wake up every day to improve myself and twinkees.

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I live for God, Music, to strive for a good future. hopefully I can help people in the course of my life. I want to show people that we shouldn’t always go for the new thing, but that old ways of life can be good as well. I want to live for God. I wake up every morning because the earth is beautiful, even if some people insist on destroying it.

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